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Huifan Fingerprint Tablet PC Leads the New Trend of Biometrics

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2019-07-26
Huifan Fingerprint Tablet PC Leads the New Trend of Biometrics

At present, fingerprint identification tablet computer market for what groups?Through the introduction of huifan, in the field of education, there are a series of applications such as examinee information verification through the second-generation certificate and fingerprint two-in-one tablet computer to prevent fraud, fingerprint identification and card registration on mobile attendance management platform, and automatic payment of personal card information through fingerprint identification in entertainment places.It is not hard to imagine from the application group of fingerprint identification, the wide application range of fingerprint tablet pc is attributed to the mature automatic fingerprint identification technology.

Automatic fingerprint identification technology was developed from the earliest semi-automatic identification process in the 1960s in the countries with relatively developed computer technology.The semi-automatic identification process refers to the fingerprint features extracted by the manual correction computer on the basis of the fingerprint images collected, so as to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the fingerprint feature data, and to use the fast running speed of the computer to replace the manual search of fingerprint features.At present, in the field of criminal investigation, we can still see this process.Automatic fingerprint identification process does not have human to correct error information, so the development of fingerprint automatic identification algorithm will generally have a strong software development force, especially in the automatic identification technology with a strong technical foundation.In the aspect of fingerprint technology, it needs the guidance of fingerprint scientists to complete a set of excellent automatic fingerprint identification algorithm.

Outstanding features of fingerprint identification
High Stability

Fingerprint has a strong stability, their formation depends on the environment of the embryonic development period, from the complete formation of fetal fingerprint to the death of people, the fingerprint pattern type, structure, statistical characteristics of the overall distribution has not been significantly changed.Fingerprints are one of the most stable biological traits that accompany a person's life.

High Reliability
High stability and uniqueness determine the high reliability of fingerprint recognition.To increase the reliability of fingerprint identification, all you need to do is register more fingerprints, and anyone can easily provide 10 finger prints.

Easy to Collect
Fingerprint is born, carry, do not need to remember.The speed of fingerprint scanning is very fast. Just lay your finger flat on the fingerprint reader and it can be completed in one or two seconds to collect the fingerprint, eliminating the worry of remembering the password, losing the seal, forgetting the password and seal.

Difficult to forge, difficult to decipher
Due to the above characteristics of fingerprint identification, the real finger must be in contact with the fingerprint collection head when identifying the fingerprint, so the difficulty of forging, counterfeiting, attacking and deciphering the fingerprint becomes quite large.For example, for a 4-digit password, there are 10×10×10×10= 10,000 combinations, with a 1 in 10,000 chance of cracking. An intruder can easily crack all the combinations by trying all of them, while you can hardly find 10,000 people (with a 1 in 10,000 error rate) to fingerprint your attempt (even if 1,000 people use all 10 fingers).Take the existing fingerprint recognition system for example, its error rate is less than one in a million, can store millions of fingerprints, the deciphering difficulty can be imagined.

Chongqing huifan technology co., ltd. not only has its own fingerprint core technology and products, but also has the second generation certificate, the complete solution and application products of fingerprint automatic identification technology applied in various industries, and is willing to cooperate with all parties to promote the application of fingerprint identification tablet computer products in various industries, leading the new trend of biometriology.

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