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Huifan 2016 Outward Bound Training

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  • Release on:2016-07-08
On 3,July,2016, Huifan Tech held an Biometric Time Attendance System outward bound in a beautiful camp of Tieshanping forest garden, Chongqing, China. The purpose is to train our will, develop our team spirit and exercise our way of thinking.
   In the morning, we learned some basic skills, best brand door locks china such as how to behave like a soldier. We organized 2 groups, one wireless gsm security systems is eagle team, the other is wolf team. We thought of our own team name, slogan and banner. The most impressive training is the "Wind-Rain Life Road", each two individuals worked together, one is acted as a blind and dummy, the other one who acted as only dummy must join hands with the blind partner and help him/her to go forward and meanwhile avoid many obstacles on the way. We feel the gestures and reached the destination successfully.
  In the afternoon, we went through the hanging bridge  high up access control time and attendance between trees in the forest. Then we tried many times to stand up by crouching our arms back by back among team members. After that, we took the bottles of water from the middle of the "mine field" by the string supported by the whole team on two sides. And at last, the whole training finalized by a mental game, which makes us to think overall situation first then move forward to improve details.
   In conclusion, everyone of us learned how to cooperate better in a team and how to inspire our potentiality from this experience. We   believe we can do better if we apply the benefits from this training to our work.