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How to troubleshoot and solve the problem of fingerprint attendance device

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2019-07-24

Many customers do not know how to use the fingerprint time attendance machine after they buy it back, or do not know how to solve some problems in the process of using the fingerprint attendance machine. Now I will list some common problems in the process of using the attendance system, hoping to play some role as a starting point.

1.Can't the attendance machine communicate with the computer?

A: First, check whether the COM port and network port are connected well, and then check the attendance machine Settings: press "MENU" in "Settings" → "system Settings"
Richard looks at the machine number (default: 1) and baud rate (default: 38400).View computer and software Settings: computer COM1 port wave
Special rate (default 38400), see software help for software Settings.

2.What is the reason for the "whistle" sound when the attendance machine is connected?
A: (1) when using rs-232 communication, if the above phenomenon occurs, it is that the baud rate of the computer is not consistent with the baud rate of the attendance machine.
    (2) if the use of rs-485 communication, it may be the converter communication line of the two wires connected, or two wires stuck together.

3. Please press (leave) your finger again and again after the attendance machine is turned on. What is the problem?How should solve?
A: the possible reasons for this are:
(1) after using for a long time, the surface of the collection head becomes unclean, or there are scratches, which will make the collection head mistakenly believe that the surface has finger pressing, and cannot pass through,
So this problem arises.In this case, you can use adhesive tape to paste the dirt on the surface of the collection head.
(2) fingerprint acquisition head of the line loose or loose.
The main board chip is broken.
If the second, third two reasons, you need to contact with the supplier, apply for warranty.

4. Some users are often unable to verify the fingerprint attendance, how to solve the problem?
A: some of the following situations may make it difficult or impossible for some employees to use fingerprints for attendance:
(1) the fingerprints on some fingers were smoothed;
(2) finger wrinkles too much, often change;
(3) fingers peeling serious;
Users whose fingerprint cannot be identified can delete the fingerprint and re-register, or register another finger.
Such users in the registration of fingerprints, the need to choose the use of better quality fingerprint (wrinkles less, no peeling, fingerprint clear), as far as possible to make the finger
The area of contact fingerprint acquisition head is larger. After registration, a comparative test is done.And suggest to register a few more backup fingers.

5.How to clear the attendance machine administrator?
A: you can use the attendance machine and computer communication, communication success, enter the attendance machine management TAB, click the clear administrator button, you can clear the attendance machine administrator, disconnect, you can enter the attendance machine menu mode.

6. Below sunshine illuminate or outdoor place USES fingerprint attendance machine, what circumstance can appear, how should prevent?
A:  The general operating temperature of the attendance machine is 0oC~ 60oc, but if it is used in the sunlight or outdoor place for a long time, the fingerprint device will be affected, the reaction may be slow, and the pass rate will be reduced.If the user's attendance machine is installed in such an environment, it can be covered with a sunshade to prevent it, or the attendance machine can be moved indoors for use.

7. If the user's finger is pressed to appear someone else's work number, how to explain processing?
A: the false identification rate of fingerprint identification is less than 0.0001%, so the probability of this phenomenon is very small, if this situation may be due to the occurrence of the wrong number of employees registered by the fingerprint features are too few, or the fingerprint registration quality is poor, should delete the fingerprint that often occurs wrong number, and re-register another finger.

8.After the attendance machine is connected to the power supply, it cannot be turned on, what is the problem, how to solve it?
A: can not start the possible reason is
(1) the power cord is bad.Please replace a good power cord at this time.
(2) loose power connector.Please plug in the power cord and turn it on.
(3) the power board is broken;The main board is broken.If it is (3),
(4) two reasons.Please contact the supplier to replace the new power board or motherboard.

9.The fingerprint record on the attendance machine is lost. How to solve it?
A: There is no possibility of their own loss, it may be a mistake to delete the fingerprint information, can only re-log in the fingerprint