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How to distinguish capacitive fingerprint reader and optical fingerprint reader

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-07-27
一.  The advantages of capacitive  fingerprint reader

fingerprint recognition module can only identify living fingerprint, which has high security.In other words, the capacitive fingerprint head can penetrate the skin layer, so the widely circulated silica gel fingerprint simulation here is of little use. The advantage of identifying a living fingerprint is that the fingerprint can hardly be copied or imitated.

2.Capacitive fingerprint recognition module has very high sensitivity and accuracy.Capacitive fingerprint identification is a capacitor array composed of tens of thousands of capacitors. The distance from fingerprint ridge and valley to touch plate is collected to form fingerprint data. Compared with optical scanning, capacitive fingerprint identification can collect finer fingerprint details and collect faster.

3. High recognition rate of capacitive fingerprint identification module.The optical fingerprint head will be affected by the dry, wet and shallow fingerprint in normal use, which will lead to the phenomenon of wrong identification and inability to identify the fingerprint, and the capacitive can avoid these problems to the greatest extent.

In addition, capacitive also has advantages such as low power consumption and small size, which is of great help to reduce the power consumption of intelligent locks and reduce the size of locks

二. The capacitive fingerprint identification insufficiency

1.Capacitive fingerprint recognition module costs a little more.Obviously, the cost of capacitive version of capacitive fingerprint identification module is higher than that of toughened glass of optical fingerprint module. Of course, the cost of other components is also higher than that of optical fingerprint module, so the cost is relatively high. However, with the development of the industry, the price difference between the two gradually decreases.

2. Capacitive fingerprint identification module is not easy to maintain.The acquisition window of the capacitive fingerprint head will be affected by stains, sweat and static electricity, and it is easy to be scratched. Therefore, Capacitived to protection and maintenance when using, or the service life can hardly be guaranteed.

Advantages and disadvantages of optical fingerprint recognition

At present, due to the low cost and strong adaptability of optical fingerprint identification module, it is widely used in various fields. At present, many low-end fingerprint locks use optical fingerprint identification module.

一. The advantages of optical fingerprint identification

1. Strong environmental adaptability of optical fingerprint recognition module.The optical fingerprint head acquisition window is generally made of toughened glass, which can resist pressure, abrasion and corrosion of acid, alkali and stains to a certain extent.Good adaptability to the working environment temperature, in -15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, humidity 20% to 95% of the environment can also maintain the operation of the parts, and the glass surface is easy to clean, can be used for home and other ordinary environments, but also can be used for humid, high temperature and dust and other special environments.

2. Good stability of optical fingerprint identification module.The optical fingerprint identification technology has been tested and improved by the market for a long time, and the optical fingerprint head has a good adaptability to the environment, so it has a good stability in the use process and a long theoretical life.

3. Low cost of optical fingerprint identification module.Optical fingerprint head developed earlier, has a mature industry scale, can be modular mass production, and the raw materials used in optical fingerprint head is relatively cheap, so the cost of optical fingerprint head is generally cheaper than Capacitive fingerprint head

二. The shortcomings of optical fingerprint identification

1. Weak security performance of optical fingerprint identification.Due to the principle of the fingerprint identification technology of the optical fingerprint head, the optical fingerprint head cannot identify the authenticity of the fingerprint, if the user's fingerprint is carefully obtained and imitation, it is easy to cheat.

2. There are some inherent defects in the accuracy of optical fingerprint identification.Learning fingerprint head is the reflection of the ridge and valley of the fingerprint to the light of different imaging, for the shallow fingerprint, fingerprint is too dry or peeling users, will be prone to the phenomenon of false identification.

3. The power consumption of optical fingerprint recognition is relatively large.The optical fingerprint head needs to emit strong light, so compared with the capacitive fingerprint head, it needs more electric energy. Generally, the optical fingerprint lock needs to be changed once for half a year, and the Capacitive fingerprint lock can be used for about a year.

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