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How to choose a suitable "Biometrics" access control system

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-18
useBiometrics access control systemIn the security industry has been more and more applications, including banks, prisons, armed forces and other units have adopted biometric access control systems to enhance the safety and convenience of their management. by Biometric technology has begun to achieve large-scale application level, including product prices, quality and technology are relatively mature. After 9/11, in order to meet the needs of national security biometric began to enter the practical application With, for example, ID cards, bank teller, adopted biometric technologies for identity authentication, in the atmosphere of these large external conditions, the biometric will be quickly applied to intelligent buildings and a number of security programs go, do Public Building access control and some access control systems are likely to choose biometric access control system.

    Biometric systems identify objects according to the main points are: 

1. Fingerprint: It is now more mature and suitable for large-scale biometric applications.
2. Hand: technologies and products is relatively mature, but because of its large volume and prices more expensive, limiting the application.
3. Iris: It is one of the lowest error rate product Currently, you can reach one millionth of accuracy, but due to the price of its use is inconvenient and expensive and bulky subject to more restrictions on the use.
4. face: Due to the ease of its use of biometric, which is a possible large-scale application, but due to the current error rate is relatively high and is affected by ambient effects (such as lighting, climate, etc.), resulting in the use of there are some limitations.

    Biometric access control system to be divided according to product features:

1. One machine: that is, the front and biometricsAccess controlIntegrated within a chassis, configure its general features are: having time zone, combination, group, double / people out of choice, tamper alarm, alarm output, door input (Determine whether the door is opened illegally, the door is not closed), the left button, the doorbell interfaces, at least 3A of electric lock relay output, LCD display, keyboard input, and TCP / IP, RS485, RS232 Union network. Generally speaking, we need to have more than 500 users (each three feature points) user capacity, whether to support password settings, and out of these functions is a general access requirements. One machine part and also because of its control The front together, so the safety of their products have certain limitations, must be used with caution in some places with high security requirements.

2. Separate front-reader, namely biometric reader: it can output a standard format card reader is connected, you can upload fingerprint way through networking (TCP / IP and RS485 way), download Etc. In addition, some of the features, such as an increase in the existing fingerprint RF card reader, tamper switch, duress output. Access Controller Access control by relevant to complete. Now professional access controller has Just out of the function can be completed, such as GE, Honeywell, LENEL, PCSC, Hearst access control and other internationally renowned brand, has integrated security system is standard, and can include monitoring and Alarm systems and other projects, including the integration of integration, but willFront-end biometricAnd professional access control system is currently used in conjunction with mainstream access control system.

    How to choose a suitable biometric access control system must first understand the following aspects:

1. Use in any place: we must first understand the use of this product in any place, it is very important to understand what to use in place to help you choose the right biometric access control products.
2. Security Requirements: Access is used to protect the safety and security levels are high and low, a top security requirements may be used the most advanced biometric products, such as the iris, etc., can also be used with a variety of biometrics ways to enhance its security; if the general security level, you can be selected according to the performance of different biological products.

3. Functional: to meet the functional requirements.

    Contractors also be considered from several aspects in choosing a biometric access control device when:
1. First decide what theBiometric systems, Fingerprint or palm-shaped or other ways.
2. take one machine or the front Recognize + professional way access control devices.
3. The appropriate cost-effective products, not to say imported, expensive is good, but to be considered according to the security requirements of the system.

    With biometric access control systems, the current selection is the largest fingerprint identification products. After product selection, choose which brand is very important, there are several aspects of the selection method is you can learn: Choose a Market reputation, choose a certification report and choose a strength of the manufacturer, to choose a good product price, to select a function to meet the requirements of the product, select a product of high stability of the product. So many choices factors, the need for a comprehensive consideration depending on the circumstances.

    Fingerprint recognition access control system, and now the market has a lot of products, imports of China-made, domestic and imported quality and price has almost, though now biometric access control system has begun In the access control industry popular, but there are most of the engineering companies (systems integrators) are not very familiar with the product, so that in such an environment, the first for a period of probation is more crucial, in the service and Confirm clear on the terms of the warranty, consult with a service capacity of the company or brand to buy, look for the regular manufacturers purchase is the right choice.