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How to Choose Time Attendance System HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-07-15
Time attendance machine can be said to be one of the biggest applications of biometrics technology. At present, it is understood that biometrics time attendance machines mainly include fingerprint recognition time  attendance machine, vein recognition, iris recognition time attendance machine, face recognition attendance machine, etc.

Time attendance machine development resume

The time attendance machine is divided into two categories: the first category is simple printing. When punching cards, the original recorded data is printed directly on the card through the time attendance machine. The recording time on the card is the original attendance information, and there is no need for the first-time user to do anything in advance. Training can be used immediately.

The second type is storage. When punching cards, the original recorded data is directly stored in the time attendance machine, and then collected and summarized by the computer, and then processed by software. Finally, the required attendance information or query or printing is formed. Its attendance information is flexible and rich. First-time users need to do some pre-training to gradually master all their functions.

The first generation is a card-type time attendance machine. In the 1970s, it gradually replaced manual attendance recording. He punched holes in a metal card regularly, and then used photosensitive elements and light projection to distinguish the number of people. 8086 processor Or 80286 processor. However, the metal sheet is easily deformed, resulting in recognition errors. Coupled with the limitation of resolution, this time attendance machine has not been widely popularized in coal mines with thousands of people.

The second generation is a bar code time attendance machine, which uses the optical principle to project a bar code image in the light column of the miner's lamp. The worker can illuminate the special time attendance probe with the miner's lamp before going down the well. This method is convenient and fast, and the earliest one used in my country is such an time attendance machine. But after all, miner's lamp is an instrument that often works in harsh environments, so maintenance is frequent, and projection distortion is a problem for everyone.

The third generation is the magnetic card time attendance machine, now the most common time attendance machine, like the coal miners to go down the well card swipe up has become a habit of everyone

The fourth generation is a biometric time and time attendance machine, which uses human biometrics to identify. This type of time and time attendance machine can be recognized as long as a finger, hand support, or face is placed on or facing the reading head. It is very convenient and Can prevent the phenomenon of card punching and improve the management system

The fifth generation is a camera time attendance machine and a photo time attendance machine, which effectively solves the restrictions of biometrics on the environment and the use of people. The combination of smart card management and manual management can effectively adapt to the environment of factories, industrial and mining enterprises.

With so many time attendance machines, how should we choose the right attendance software for us?

How to choose time and attendance software---understand the five levels of time and attendance management

At present, there are many problems faced by enterprise time and attendance. More than 70% of the enterprises that use the time and attendance system are unable to achieve the expected time and attendance management goals. More companies only found a lot of trouble after finishing the work. The reason is that it is not completely clear what level of management is needed to manage time and attendance. Secondly, it is faced with a large number of time and attendance management software, there are free and free delivery, there is an attendance module under the integrated platform, and there is independent time and attendance Software manufacturers offer prices from a few thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands. What difference does these software have to meet the level of management.

This article summarizes the five management levels of attendance management for your reference. It is not the cheaper the better, nor the more functions, the better. The best for you. To put it simply, first understand what you need, and then understand what the other party can do. Choosing the time and attendance software that can achieve its own management level can achieve the expected goal of applying the time and attendance system and maximize the investment income.

The attendance management of employees is divided into five levels, and the advanced level of management increases in order. The five levels of management attendance are as follows:

1. Accurate check-in data: the most basic requirement of attendance management, which makes objective management based on objective.

2. Accurately count employee attendance: the software can replace manual records and manual statistics

3. Standardized management process, reasonable and effective: attendance management is carried out in accordance with the standardized process, and management is standardized and effective.

4. Compliance management of leave and overtime: annual leave, overtime and other automatic management and control, in line with the requirements of laws and regulations, to avoid labor management risks.

5. Leadership decision support system: various charts visually show the analysis of employee attendance, overtime, and vacation achievement rate. The intuitive cockpit provides decision support for leaders.

If the above five major management needs cannot meet the low-level needs, the high-level needs will definitely not be met. That is to say, if a set of attendance management software is not available, the high-level functions will be meaningless. Because high-level needs are based on low-level effective management.

First, there is sign-in data

This is the most basic attendance management requirement. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises' understanding of attendance management stays at this level, and that is to buy time attendance machines. Attendance machine + random free attendance management software is to meet the needs of this level, employees check in on the time attendance machine, you can query employee check-in data on the free attendance software.

Accurate and objective check-in data is the foundation of attendance management. The second level of accurate statistical attendance is based on the check-in data. Therefore, the check-in data accurately reflects the time point of employees' get off work and is the cornerstone of attendance management.

2. Accurately count employee time and attendance Accurately count employee time and attendance is the most important and most difficult level in the five-level management.

The most important thing is that the attendance software can accurately analyze the daily attendance, absence, write-off leave, and accurately count attendance at the end of the month, so as to provide accurate attendance basis for salary distribution, and enable the attendance management to be separated from manual records and manual statistics, so as to truly reduce attendance The workload of statistics improves the accuracy and objectivity of statistics.

The most important thing is that the following three levels of more advanced management all need to be able to accurately analyze attendance based on attendance software and accurately count attendance, otherwise it is impossible to achieve compliance management of leave and overtime, and the data provided is also It cannot be used as a basis for leadership's decision support.

The most difficult is because different companies have different shift complexity, attendance statistics rules, and leave matching principles. However, hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of employees are attending each day, and there are many specific needs. As long as there is a specific need to solve the attendance software If it is not good, there will be a few hundred people at the end of the month. The statistical results at the end of the month are wrong. A few specific needs cannot be resolved. The end of the month attendance statistics cannot be used to calculate wages, so I have to return to the manual accounting statistics of each attendant. Well, the management effectiveness of this level is all zero, wrong, actually it is negative, because, now on computer time attendance, do it again on the computer, do it again manually, the workload of statistical attendance has not only decreased but also increased.

Therefore, when choosing attendance management software, be sure to combine the unit's shift and the complexity of the attendance management rules to choose the attendance management software that matches your needs. For example, the attendance management subsystem included in the general application software platform is simple for the institutions and institutions, and the management standards are almost all the attendance management requirements of the normal class. It can accurately count attendance, but these systems The attendance management module cannot solve the complex attendance management problems of enterprises. Faced with the complicated attendance management rules and the attendance of a large number of enterprises with specific needs, these software cannot achieve statistical accuracy. Therefore, it also makes other advanced time and attendance management functions in these software into a decoration.

Then, for enterprises and institutions with a large number of people and complex shifts, in order to achieve the goal of accurately counting employee attendance at this level, professional attendance management software must be applied. It is difficult for general time and attendance software to consider all kinds of special situations encountered in various types of enterprise time and attendance management, and to implement reasonable design in the software.

Some users will think so, it is difficult to distinguish whether they are professional, and they are only known after they are used. Therefore, a trial is required. In fact, the trial can increase the judgment of the quality of the software, but still can not solve the problem of judging whether the software can accurately count various complicated attendance requirements. Because, the general trial is not a full month of the full staff, so the workload is too large, and it also affects the normal work order, and many special situations will only occur when the full staff is officially used for the full month to find the problem.

3. Standardize management process, reasonable and effective

Attendance management software that can accurately count attendance through the second level is rare, and the performance of the attendance software can be inspected according to higher-level management indicators.

We know that the loopholes in attendance management will not only increase the labor cost of the enterprise, but also destroy the fair and just corporate culture, such as falsely reporting overtime, concealing sick leave, etc., to ensure the objectivity of attendance management, we must rely on standardized management processes to make attendance Management is reasonable and effective.

Establish a standardized attendance management process. The attendance software must have two major functions, one is strict and meticulous division of authority, and the other is the general approval process for asking for leave, overtime, and card renewal.

Strict and meticulous division of authority ensures that managers at all levels can only operate in accordance with the prescribed authority, and cannot exceed their authority, so that the management of managers at all levels is under full supervision and control, ensuring the objectivity of attendance management.

Set up a general approval process for leave, overtime, and re-issuance cards based on permissions to meet the collaborative management of attendance through the network, which not only improves management efficiency and timeliness, but also streamlines the management and control process, making attendance management reasonable and effective.

4. Compliance management for leave and overtime

The continuous generation of labor force, more and more labor disputes are making the management cost of enterprises continue to rise. Compliance management of labor diligence and overtime work can not only avoid unnecessary management costs and improve efficiency, but also the value of employees' work can be respected.

Compliance management of leave, including employees' annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc., is in line with the regulation and control of labor laws. Such as: annual leave, the attendance software should automatically calculate the employee’s annual leave standard at the beginning of each year, and monthly statistics on the annual leave have been taken and balance. On the one hand, it controls the employee’s overtime, on the other hand, it can meet the employees and leaders’ enquiries about the remaining leave.

Overtime compliance management is much more complicated, such as: the rules for calculating the minimum time based on credit card data and overtime slips, automatic calculation rules for manufacturing holiday overtime, overtime transfer and leave, and employee control , To meet the functions of comprehensive working time management in the manufacturing industry, etc.

The compliance management of leave and overtime not only can control the risk of labor management, but also can guide managers to reasonably arrange vacations and holidays, saving labor costs.

V. Leader Decision Support System

Under the above four levels of accurate and effective management, leaders need to provide management decision support through various charts and intuitive cockpit.

For example, according to the tree diagram of the annual leave achievement rate displayed by each unit, the leader can visually see the percentage of employees who have taken the annual leave. The leader can reasonably arrange the employees to take the annual leave and reduce the cost of triple overtime at the end of the year.

For various enterprises and institutions, you can guide yourself to choose the appropriate attendance management software according to the above five levels of attendance management. Only at the low level, purchase advanced software, high-level software functions are not used, and investment is wasted; need Despite the high level, the purchased software can only meet the low level, and the result is definitely not good. It can only meet the low-level software. There are two types. One is only the low-level functions, and the second is the high-level functions. In fact, because the low-level functions are not in place, the high-level functions It's just decoration, and it has no practical use. For example, if the employee's monthly attendance statistics are inaccurate, it is impossible to talk about compliance management of employees' attendance and overtime, and the cockpit cannot provide an accurate basis for leaders.

For a specific unit, you can position the software level according to your management needs and the functions that the optional time and attendance software meets. Such as: EHR's attendance management module, for general institutions and institutions, the software level is 3.5, that is to say, the standard class statistics are accurate, no problem, up to the fourth level of compliance management, can meet a part; and for Enterprise units with complex scheduling can only be counted as 1.5-level software, which means that the second level cannot be fully satisfied. In the second level, only standard class statistics can be met.



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