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How perfect biometric products used in access control systems

  • Author:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-19
Biometric products are biometric sampling, extracting its unique features and converted into digital code and code composition further feature template, when it interacts with the identification system for authentication, identification system gets its characteristics and in the database feature template for comparison to determine whether the match, to decide to accept or reject the person.

    When biometric products are biometric sampling, extracting its unique features and converted into digital code and code composition further feature template, people identify with an interactive system for authentication, identification system Get it features and characteristics of the database template for comparison to determine whether the match, to decide to accept or reject the person. Biometric products in real time, quickly and effectively fulfill its recognition process. All biometric Products include the following processes: acquisition, decoding, comparison and matching ..

    Biometric Product Type Select

    Biometric technology starting in the mid-1970s, the early biometric products is limited to the higher security level requirements atomic experiments, the production base, the most widely used market early applied fingerprint identification products. Biometric technology development to the present, has been the coexistence of multiple technologies, multiple products coexist market conditions.

    Now is a biometric market, the coexistence of a variety of products, a variety of techniques coexist is inevitable, a variety of techniques, various kinds of products has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as fingerprint algorithm accurately product, the user profile store Capacity, identification accuracy vulnerable individuals and environmental factors, such as palm and shape recognition technologies, while having biometric template capacity is small, a small amount of information communications advantages, but its presence is relatively simple algorithm to achieve 1: N ratio of the storm Difficulties and other shortcomings, so contractors in selecting what kind of biometric products when used for security access control system, a number of factors should be considered to avoid some kind of biometric products, market share is relatively high, it must be integrated Access control systems using this product ideas.

    System integration

    At present, because different biometrics to identify individuals for the biometric templates are not the same variety of biometric products using biometric algorithms, so for biometric products manufacturers, they can not adopt Performed using a uniform standardBiometric Fingerprint AttendanceTemplate management products, which led to different output modes of biometric products and protocols are not uniform, interface mode used in some products, some using RS485 interface side Style, some use TCP / IP interface mode. ... Etc. Thus engineering in the design of integrated biometrics security access control system, should give full consideration to the issue of integration of the system, from system design, hardware access Mouth, software interfaces, management processes, systems operations and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, to fully consider the actual needs of customers, we can not pursue integration depth biometric products and traditional access control systems, resulting in system design Complex, difficult to implement, adding unnecessary human and material resources.
System Design

    Currently, based on industry standard Wiegand protocol has the vast majority of 26 yesAccess Control SystemProducers accepted, in fact, it has become the front-end access control system integration of different identification devices a common standard, so contractors do set A biometric access control systems product design, the first consideration is the use of Wiegand protocol access control systems integration, which can output Wiegand protocol uses biometric products. Such design system, for engineering purposes, will Reducing the implementation difficulty, increase the reliability and stability of the integrated system operation, easy to debug and maintain. The basic block diagram shown in Figure 2. For example, a financial business district, security access control system using control entrances, its The main access points using traditionalRFID identification technologyFor important one or two access points using fingerprint identification instrument, in this case, the choice of independent fingerprint device management operations products authorized by Wiegand Protocol and access control systems integration. $ Page_Split $

    In addition, we need to note that, due to the Wiegand protocol uses digital transmission in one direction, the transmission distance and transmission of information content are affected, and therefore an integrated manner using the Wiegand protocol access control systems applicable to integration Using biometrics little demand, if the customer requires biometric products many access points, using only the Wiegand protocol access control systems integration, it will bring a lot of inconvenience in the management and operation, and therefore works Suppliers for system design in this case, the need for biometric

    Template management aspect, methods of operation, etc. comprehensive consideration; conventional, system hardware interfaces while using the Wiegand protocol, but also using the RS485 or TCP / IP, etc., to carry out biometric products for centralized management.

    Secondly, biometric products manufacturers varied, most of the manufacturers of products are different communication protocols, access control system manufacturers usually find some biometric products manufacturers to cooperate, it was integrated into the access control system communication protocol Management platform. If the customer does not have any special requirements for a given product, it is recommended that at the time of system design engineering, and maximize the use of access control systems vendor partners of biometric products. Typically, this type of access control systems Management platform, already well integrated biometric products. Access control systems in hardware and software, are doing well, access control systems management platform capable of biometric products biometric template management, distribution, etc. Function, access control systems and biometric controller is also capable of real-time communications products.

    Management Software Design

    Integrated biometric access control systems product management software generally have two operation modes, one isAccess Control System SoftwareandBiometric Product Management SoftwareRun independently on the same management server; the other way is biological Identify the product management software embedded in the access control system management platform; the characteristics of the first approach is a database independent, not shared, two management platform for independent operation, the database is a way to establish contact assigned to the user ID number, between biometrics and access control system controller via Wiegand protocol integration. For doing integration projects providers, does not need the secondary development of software, integrated small difficulty, only need to use with a Wiegand Biometric products output signal, but users in the management and operation would be more complicated. The second approach uses a unified management platform, usually to the access control system management software platform as a unified platform, system Also completed in biometric access control product management at member platform, therefore, management platform includes biometrics communication protocol is necessary, usually involve secondary development access control system management software. For do-integrated Engineering, the secondary development of software is a matter of how it must face; or contractors may also be biometric access control system vendors partner products, it has integrated the relevant protocols to the door Ban system management platform, in this case, contractors will not face the secondary development of software, but often face the high cost of the system and persuade customers to adopt specific issue biometric technology products.
Operating Environment

    Biometric products is the use of individual organisms to be identified unique biometric identity, so all of biometric products will be faced with biological individual biometric collection and algorithms comparison process, if the acquisition process has been Established biometric template is not very accurate, it will seriously affect the recognition accuracy and precision, giving users a convenient and product recognition accuracy using inaccurate consequences, safety and convenience how to better knot Together is a problem, but also has been troubled by the problem of biometric products manufacturers. We analyzed the causes of the problem, its production environment, is one of the important factors, such as the current face products, for ring The intensity of light and illumination throughout the relatively sensitive HandReader another example, the operating environment for dust and humidity have certain requirements; and like voiceprint identification products, for decibels of background noise also have certain requirements, because This, contractors doing integrated biometric security access control products, engineering design, should fully understand and survey the scene of the environment, to do adequate research, choosing the right biometric products, at the same time, after the project is completed, You should also do a good job of maintaining the system operating environment.


    With the advent of the use of biometric technology continues biometric products, the application of security access control system will also be more and more, high safety and security features such as biometrics taken are being more and more customers in The Identity. We can foresee that in the near future, biometric security access control products will be the front of the system recognize the device a powerful force in the field of security will also will play an increasingly large role.