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Handle Terminal

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  • Release on:2016-04-14
It's an handheld terminal device which means can be connected with other devices via communication (Wi-Fi / GPRS / Bluetooth, etc.)


1, with data storage and computing power (generally refers to the operating system).
2.With display and input capabilities.
3.Standard back-up battery.

RFID handheld divided into:

1.LF RFID handheld. LF RFID card read handset, the frequency of the low-frequency card is 125k ~ 134.2k
2.High frequency RFID handheld. HF RFID handheld can read and write frequency of 13.56MHz RFID card.
3.UHF RFID handheld. UHF RFID handheld reader distance is 1 to 12 meters, which is the low-frequency and high-frequency RFID handheld RFID handhelds do not have, in some of the high demand from the local use.

4.The dual-protocol RFID handhelds.
Fingerprint handset
Fingerprint handset means the handset has fingerprint recognition capabilities.

Fingerprint handset
In addition to the fingerprint identification function, but also has a wireless data transmission capabilities, GPS positioning function, bar code scanning. Mainly used in the fields of high security requirements. Such as finance, banking.

Applications Government departments IC card management (drivers, motor vehicle, operating permits, tour card, the construction industry induction certificate, health certificate service sector, family planning, individual industrial and commercial, technical supervision, industry qualifications, urban management, etc.)