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HF Security: Which kind of programming language Huifan Fingerprint scanner support?

  • Author:HF Security
  • Release on:2017-12-13
Huifan is a biometric security company in China since 2005.Mostly, We focus on Fingerprint / Face / IRIS verification. We will introduce our own launched Fingerprint Reader and which kind of programming language it support this time.

Total 4 types of Fingerprint scanner have been released for now.
1. Optical USB Fingerprint Scanner.
2. Wireless Optical Fingerprint scanner
3. Wireless capacitance fingerprint scanner with card reader
4. Wireless National card reader & capacitance fingerprint scanner.

Above Fingerprint models could meet different customer's requirements. And we would never stop the developing as market needs.

All of our Fingerprint reader support Android / Windows / IOS operation system. There is a few Finger models support IOS OP in the market. But most customer request for it cause There is a large number of people use iphone.
Besides. Our fingerprint scanner support multi programming language for development. Such as below:

Java / C / C# / C++ / VB / VB.net / VBDemo / VC / PHP / JSP / PB8 / ASP.Net / Dephi

With those language support. The developer will have a large range to program. Or choose a suitable one based on different requirements by their customer. The Demo and technical support will be provide by Huifan after sell.