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HF Secrity: Huifan outdoor expand training on weekend

  • Author:HF Security
  • Release on:2017-11-20
Last weekend. Huifan organized an outdoor expand training.Everybody shows a great interested at a very first beginning and end up with a heavy body but fresh mind.

Although the weather is cold even come with a little rain. But it can not stop Huifan guys enthusiasm. After a short warm-up activities. We started our first training - Crossing river by square board.

Almost 20 people stand under 8 pieces board to moving. Any part of the boby untouched board it will lose one board. Anyone out of the board our game will be  re-start. Luckily. We've discussed an excellent strategy together. Most colleagues brings their great idea to work on this. After a crowded side by side moving. Everybody cooperated and worked on the same goal toghter. We have completed this within the limited time. Cheering up loudly and high five with each other to celebrate our successful. With this wonderful team, Huifan can go further as we do.

A great lunch time we have enjoyed. The soybean milk that we drinked is grinding by mill stone on our own. The  firewood chicken we eat is made by ourself. We test the most delisous food than ever in the world at this moument. Thanks for everyone who attending into our party.

Lunch break time. Beatiful view came with the winter. The smile face they will remenber in deep side for a long time.

On the afternoon. The rock climbing started. The warrior of Huifan do not fear anything. When the trouble is coming. All we need to do is overcome with our brave.The most diffecult part is not how far the destination it is. What we fight is ourself. It's a war about perseverance and belief. The determined to achieve the goal and how to keep on when you want to give up. Huifan guys did it. We Climb the peak finally. Take a bow toghther to congratulations.

With such a lovely friend. We will catch what we dreaming for. It will takes time. But trust us. It will not take long.