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Great biometric technology used in counter-terrorism role

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-27
 In 2003, US troops captured Saddam electric door locks with timer in a Homelessness, when Saddam was unrecognizable, make it difficult to discern the authenticity of the time, Saddam fingerprint a British company made a significant contribution. Determination process, as well as some of the biological characteristics of the integrated use of high-tech equipment in the Security Door Locks identity of the terrorists. The hunt & middot; when Osama bin Laden, according to an unnamed US defense official said the United States was using a handheld biometric data acquisition & ldquo; secure data acquisition (Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit) & rdquo ;, referred SEEK. Can be multi-dimensional biological data measured personnel iris scans, fingerprints and facial, etc., and timely feedback to these data in West Virginia's Federal Security Service database, and then after further classification and precision arithmetic, you can create a large, reliable, accurate biological databases to the individual. By this sampling operation, you can quickly confirm the identity of the offender. It is reported that these techniques can also be equipped with equipment for the police, and for efficient evidence collection, identification and other criminals. However, the high cost of equipment and the need to spend a lot of database resources, generally does not hunt for ordinary members of the terrorist organization. DNA testing also applied to the identification of criminals, terrorists or has changed dramatically for the chieftains avatars, can accurately confirm their identity. Since the identification of long use, the so mainly it used to confirm the identity of the fingerprint door lock system,electric door locks with timer ,door locks and handles in dubai ,remote control electric door lock DNA, fingerprint and can contribute more in the pursuit of the process. Prevention of terrorist attacks although we arrest faster, although we can more accurately target criminals, but no matter how advanced science and technology, our best hope, or tragedy can not happen again, innocent masses to avoid being hurt. Therefore, the focus of the fight against terrorism, or in advance to prevent terrorist attacks. Link in the prevention of terrorist attacks, using voiceprint recognition technology plays a central role. Terrorism in the world, but also the long-term. In fact, each country active worldwide, a large scale terrorist organizations are continuing concern, and related control measures. In many cases, these communications for suspected terrorist organizations and organizations monitor, access to sensitive word, is inevitable. When some sensitive keywords, timely prevention and control, but also to ensure the necessary means to the masses. Kunming after the incident, but also science and technology practitioners suggested language awareness voiceprint Should not development for minority and other multilingual recognition technology? Then set and monitor terrorist attacks related keywords once these keywords, be closely monitored. Obviously, this is a great challenge to the existing sense of language do not brush technique. Voiceprint identification, at least in the country, is more than the fingerprint of new applications, the specific details of the application and the level of development is still relatively mysterious. He also worked in the era of consultation pursuant to such studies billion-team. According to the team to share, not the current Chinese language awareness technology is relatively mature, has contributed a lot of their value, the domestic technical team are also very happy to counter-terrorism, crime control contribute their technology. But whether for counterterrorism operations and the use of detail is not suitable for publication, moreover, whether the State has for minority language-related projects, billion-colleagues were not disclosed. Since the terrorist attacks, people began to attach great attention to the security industry, the arrest of terrorists, biometrics plays a crucial role. We sincerely hope that their personal safety can be protected, and we hope that with the development of science and technology, the future allow the terrorists to escape detection, advance to prevent the tragedy.