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Fingerprint template can be stolen through the picture you share in your SNS

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2017-01-18
A few days ago, media reports if you take photos with v gesture, is likely to be stolen your fingerprints.

A expert said "If close enough, and very high megapixel camera, photography with a v gesture, to collect fingerprint information is possible in theory, but in practice it may be very complicated. “
"Biometric information is Unique, but can easily be copied. If disclosure, cannot be redeemed, if illegal use, may endanger the personal and property safety. “

Individuals should protect the fingerprint information, try to avoid release on the Internet "v sign" of fingerprints in public, enhance the safety awareness of privacy protection, thereby reducing unnecessary risks.

Biometric application in the automobile
Recently, according to media reports, over the next 10 years, our cars will we expect to know more about us than it is today. When cars equipped with biometric sensors to track the health and mood changes, driving a car is going to be a different experience.
Automotive biometrics include fingerprints, Iris, voice and gesture recognition. Once the vehicle make sure you are the master, it monitors your heart rate, brain waves, pulse, pressure levels, fatigue, in addition to the monitoring of the eyelids and face.

In fact, now we have combined the biometric with our automobile cars. Here is the fingerprint car starter CK900