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Do you know fingerprint scanner and facial recognition time attendance machine?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-10-28

When it comes to attendance machines, we first think of fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, which are currently the most widely used. Now, let us talk about these two attendance machines.
Fingerprint scanner:

HF7000-FBI Wireless Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner with FBI Certification RFID Reader(←click here for more information

The current fingerprint attendance machine is divided into blue light, red light and green light, and they all use three-dimensional imaging. The laser scanner on the fingerprint attendance machine will not scan the finger, but will form a dent when the finger touches the scanning window. Regardless of whether the attendance machine uses a blue laser or a red laser, the scanned image is transmitted to the arithmetic circuit in black and white format, which is the working principle of the fingerprint attendance machine.
Face recognition:

RA08T Face Temperature Detection and Recognition Terminal(←click here for more information

It uses a universal camera as a device to obtain identification information. The face data of the recognized object is obtained in a non-contact manner, and the computer system completes the recognition process after obtaining the data and comparing it with the database image.

Facial recognition is a recognition method based on biometrics. Compared with traditional identification methods such as fingerprint recognition, it has the advantages of real-time, accuracy, high precision, ease of use, high stability, difficult forgery, and high cost performance, and is easy for users to accept. There are multiple installation methods of wall-mounted or sluice type, and supports a variety of business scenarios, such as scanning surface temperature measurement login and scanning surface temperature measurement registration for enterprises to resume production.

For now, fingerprint scanning time attendance machine is the most commonly used method, because it has good recognition effect and faster speed. However, some people cannot use it in some cases.
Face recognition attendance machines generally use dual cameras, which are quasi-three-dimensional face recognition technology, and their recognition performance is much higher than that of two-dimensional face recognition. Moreover, in the identification process, there is no need to touch the machine, which can avoid bacterial infection, which is very suitable for the current situation.

Face recognition technology is gradually being used in daily life. For example, the technology has been applied in many places in countries such as Europe and the United States. Especially after the "9.11" terrorist incident, the US police took the lead in adopting this advanced technology at Iceland International Airport, Boston Airport, Oakland Airport, Atlanta Airport and Houston Airport to monitor, scan and screen terrorists in the crowd.

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