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Fingerprint recognition technology trends and Application Status

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-25

Currently, the main application in fingerprint identificationAttendance, access control, insurance cabinetAnd other areas, I believe that, with theFingerprint Identification TechnologyPerfection, but also widely used in identity cards, motor vehicles, household and other more areas.

Fingerprint trends

Modern electronics integrated manufacturing technology and the development of fast and reliable fingerprint recognition algorithm technology thanks. Although only a small portion of the fingerprint of human skin, but the amount of data used to identify quite large, these data are compared to it is not a simple question with equal not equal, but the use of fuzzy matching algorithm requires a lot of computing.

Modern electronics integrated manufacturing technology allows us to manufacture a relatively small fingerprint image reading device, while the rapid development of personal computing speed provides a single-chip microcomputer even two fingerprints can be compared to the operation possible. In addition, the reliability of the matching algorithm is also rising,Fingerprint Identification TechnologyIt had been very useful.

Fingerprint recognition technology can be applied to many aspects of several ways. By using fingerprint authentication instead of passwords for each computer applications it is the most typical example. Imagine if all the computers on line Systems and applications can use the fingerprint authentication, people use computers will be very convenient and safe, users no longer hate the necessary security checks, and IT developers will alleviate many service work.

Fingerprint recognition technology combined with IC card, is one of the most promising direction. The technology of the card owner's fingerprint (encrypted) stored in the IC card, and to install a fingerprint on the IC card reader Recognition system, when the information on the card reader to read, be read into the cardholder's fingerprint, by comparing the fingerprints of the cardholder's fingerprint on the card the cardholder can confirm whether it is true masters of the card, so the next step of post easy. In the case of more stringent, as the same may be further fingerprint on the back-end host system database to compare.

Fingerprint IC card can be widely used in many industries, such as replace the existing ATM card manufacturing security documents (visa or passport, public health cards, membership cards, library cards, etc.). Currently ATM machines plus Mounted fingerprint recognition has begun to be used in the United States. Cardholders can cancel password (the elderly and children to avoid difficulties remembering passwords) or still retained the password on the operating time about fingerprint and password.