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Fingerprint recognition technology application solutions in access control systems

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-16
First, the application features fingerprint recognition technology

    Many for authenticationBiometrics, The fingerprint identification technology is the most convenient, reliable, non-invasive and inexpensive price solutions. Human fingerprint is unique feature, with players, uniqueness, not Reproducibility, absolute confidentiality, and their complexity is sufficient to provide enough features for authentication; if we want to increase the reliability, we simply need to register more fingerprints, to identify more fingers. Ideal developed means Wen module performance, swipe your finger quickly, very easy to use; when reading a fingerprint, the user simply live finger fingerprint head contact with each other, in direct contact with the fingerprint biometric read head is the most available By the way.

Second, access control locks

    In daily life, people everywhere must use a variety of access control locks. From access control locks, the main keys, passwords, magnetic cards and IC cards.
    With the improvement of people's living standards, access control locks the necessary utensils indispensable to the lives of a lot of troubles. Everyone has had lost the key (or forget) the experience, put away every day to remind ourselves of a key brain, bunch of keys for people who want to light is undoubtedly a painful thing ......
    From the current existing access control locks of view, there is a certain security risk, keys, passwords and card easy to copy, steal; IC card of high security, but also easy to lose. So now people's minds must have easy access locks, security, aesthetics and so on.

Third, Fingerprint Access Control System Overview

    Access Control SystemMeans based on modern electronics and information technology, installing smart card electronic automatic identification system in the building and outside the entrance, by holding a non-contact cards to people (or objects) and out of the implementation of release, refusing to record And other intelligent management system operation, forDoor access control,Attendance Management, Intelligent building systems, high security access management, the Securities and Exchange safe and convenient access control, its purpose is to effectively control personnel (article) is out, and records There are details out, to achieve the entrances and exits of security management.
    Registration has permission to access the channel in the staff fingerprint access control system, fingerprint authentication only through the intake, before they can enter, for access to confidential department strictly controlled to ensure the safety of materials and property. Assign access control software in the background at user fingerprint data to the appropriate access control, you can also access real-time upload the recording to generate access reports provide the basis for accident traced.

Fourth, fingerprint access control system architecture

    From the core product point of view,Fingerprint Access Control SystemBy the ADEL fingerprint processing module, the user's original control module, door opener and power system components.
    4.1 System components
    4.2 ADEL fingerprint processing module description
    ADEL Fingerprint module consists of high-performance digital signal processor DSP, high-capacity FLASH And 300,000-pixel color CMOS components. Fingerprint terminal manufacturers need to understand the specific principles fingerprint processing and recognition, only need to use ADEL fingerprint module directly, MCU sends commands through the communication interface, the finger Wen module to complete the corresponding fingerprint input fingerprint processing, spinning finger verification and fingerprint matching functions.
    Fingerprint access control system only password authentication or IC card access control system had changed today's fashion fingerprint authentication. Allowing users in the case of low-input, without changing any of the features of their products and improve their performance, greatly improving the product price.
    4.2.1 fingerprint head
    Fingerprint collection head utilizing miniature principle of total reflection prism, light reflected from the prism to the optical sensor. When a person's finger pressing on the glass surface, due to the pressure of the fingerprint ridges and valleys of variations on the miniature prism table Surface; the reflected light from the micro-prism obtained amount of reflected light depends on the pressure between the glass surface of the fingerprint ridge and valley depth and glass skin and fat. After image preprocessing, digital, gray scale processing, image enhancement shape A fingerprint image.
Sensor corresponding technical indicators:
① hard surface coated glass
②30 megapixel color CMOS
③ Sensor Resolution 500dpi;
④ sensor surface impact strength and resistance to damage the ability to: 4H pencil 20cm range in continuous impact 1000 times without damage.
    4.2.2 DSP board
    4.2.3 Communication between PC and ADEL fingerprint processing module

Fifth, fingerprint access control system features

    5.1 Security
    Invariance and the uniqueness of fingerprints decision fingerprint is the cheapest and most reliable means of identification, so the use of fingerprint door safer.
    5.2 accuracy
    Users simply tap your finger to timely, accurate and open the door.
    5.3 High stability
    Independent continuous work and good stability.
    5.4 Flexibility
    Support multi-user, multi-group combination to open the door;
    5.5 Scientific Management
    Sub-time management, allowing management more scientific;
    5.6 Tips
    Not closed remind; down prompts;
    5.7 can set the alarm finger
    If someone forced open the door, use the alarm finger can call the police. In order to protect life and property safety of the collective and the individual.
    5.8 Remote Control
    Allowing you to thousands of miles away, you may also manage.
    5.9 The system uses hierarchical management: managers and users.
    In cascade-managers set administrative privileges. User's fingerprint on the central management host collection and stored in a central management host. User access permission according to the user's fingerprint is transmitted under the corresponding access control.

Sixth, fingerprint access control system scalability

    Access control machine can either work offline, you can also network management. Access control is divided into different according to communicationCan be networked access control systemAnd non-networked access control system. Networked intelligent access control system consists of computers, communications conversion , Card readers, controllers, card, power locks (or infrared shooting, three roller turnstiles) composition, according to customer demand can install TCP / IP protocol modules solve large-scale network access control systems engineering.