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Fingerprint recognition promote "service and management upgrade"

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-08-16
Today for the electric door locks with timer general public, the biometric technology fingerprint door lock system is no longer mysterious, we have been able to experience anywhere fingerprint recognition, face recognition technology to bring innovation and experience, along with the raise public awareness and acceptance of biometric technology, many financial institutions have with biometrics means financial reform, to attract and retain more customers. It is understood that Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank recently on the line Sheng Tiancheng multi-modal biometric unified authentication platform, through this platform, SRCB in counter, mobile operators and other services introduced face recognition, fingerprint recognition technology to " technology upgrade "to promote" service upgrade "and" upgrade management. "
Face Recognition artificial assisted verification, saving customers 40 percent of the time line
It is understood that, in order to reduce pressure on the counter, reduce customer queuing time, SRCB face recognition technology first introduced in the counter business.
Through the introduction of face recognition technology, counter staff need only SWIPE customer identification, face recognition incase online verification system will automatically customer site Pictures taken with the Ministry of Public photo ID card inside the database for comparison, and than the results fed back to the counter staff, staff only need recognition for the customer than manual review does not biometric fingerprint door lock pass, do not need to review each client's identity, greatly improving the work efficiency of the staff. According to Sheng Tiancheng industry reports, 80% of face recognition technology can replace manual completion of customer identity verification, facial recognition and the whole process less than 1s, such a high efficiency, which is expected to save 40% of customers queuing time.
Face recognition helps customers experience financial services anytime and anywhere.