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Fingerprint face strong voice biometrics Which?

   To know the identification technology in the end, "Which strong" first look at three methods of personal authentication method:
   Identification equipment, such as NFC mobile phones, smart cards
   Plaintext passwords, such as PIN, password
   The user's own biometric, such as fingerprint, iris
   The first two methods can guarantee 100% intermediate verification message is correct, but it is difficult to ensure that the rear end of man is correct. And the third is to bring biometrics verification loop between people and behavior, there is another advantage is convenience.
   Learn biotechnology, they still take off three factors affect end-user experience:
   1) Hardware Product quality is a key factor in the quality of the image input
   2) biological recognition algorithm determines the biometric verification of the results, but also the speed and performance of important factors
   3) Applicability
   Biometric technologyTechnique has its own advantages and limitations, at this stage the fingerprint is the most widely used and mature a technology, but also the starting point for biometric applications. Fingerprint recognition has relatively cheap, highly functional features, is very reliable kind of authentication. But if you need more advanced security options, that fingerprints also need a smart card or a password in conjunction. Mainstream application on your phone or tablet fingerprint identification security level is relatively low, although the sensor can achieve a simple and user interaction, but in a wet finger, molt, when injured status, recognition will be affected.
   Iris RecognitionIt has been hailed as the most accurate, most secure biometric way, but the cost of iris recognition is relatively high, and requires specialized hardware. As the technology matures, iris recognition at this stage in terms of cost is no longer to give manufacturers "discouraged" state, and many manufacturers have even developed a refined, compact mobile terminal dedicated iris modules, high cost.
Vein recognition followed, but also more secure and accurate biometric authentication, providing high quality similar to fingerprint authentication, you can directly interact with the user.
   Face RecognitionThe non-contact identification, very friendly and convenience, but also a better way to use the camera. It can be widely applied to a variety of environments, including construction sites, mobile devices, website logins, and even does not require special hardware support.
   Speech recognition is a very convenient means of identification. For mobile devices, it has been seen as a quick and easy verification solution. But in the voice quality control is one of the key factors affecting the identification and development, it is also more concerned about safety. At this stage the most widely used in call centers, customer service.
   Electronic signature, gait recognition (foot contour), ear fingerprinting and other new technologies, is still in a wait state.
   Which sort of biometrics mode selection and there is no single answer, then summarize the different situations, scenarios and identification of the status quo:
Cost-effective solutions still tend to fingerprints, sometimes additional smart card or password.
   Mainstream mobile solution uses a human face, voice and fingerprint recognition, iris recognition has become an important means of mobile phone manufacturers to compete.
   If you want a non-contact identification, they tend to face recognition or iris recognition.
   Secret surveillance tend to face recognition, voice recognition and gait recognition.
   Large projects often using fingerprint or iris, such as China resident identity card will incorporate fingerprint biometrics India project contains iris recognition.
A higher level of security projects tend iris or finger vein recognition, often in combination with the card or password, the formation of multi-factor authentication.
If the authentication condition or environment is bad tend iris recognition, iris recognition because less affected by external factors, such as mine iris solutions.
   From life we ​​can see whether the phone supports fingerprint, face recognition, face recognition or Ma show shopping in foreign countries, as well as micro-channel now also supports voice recognition landing. These tell us that the future may be more diversified authentication and more secure.