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Fingerprint bank

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-04-21

No bank card, passbook, do not need a password alone their own fingerprints or facial scanning, you can easily complete the payment, transfer and other financial services in the bank's self-service machines. This is not science fiction movie scene, in reality, people will soon be able to enjoy such convenient. From the beginning of November, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank's network of more time management software free than 700 thousand units will be fully laid fingerprint self-service Time Attendance System banking equipment. It is reported that this new mode of operation of the bank first in the country. When you first log in individual "fingerprint bank", the system will automatically record their fingerprints and facial appearance, and as the next transfer money transfers of "Password."

Is your fingerprint information with your bank account associate, as long as the time of payment by fingerprint is complete, then your fingerprint is equivalent to a bank card.

"Fingerprint bank" using advanced fingerprint recognition technology, instead of the original cards, discount carriers and other financial payments, bank customers can simply use your finger, you can carry out banking operations.

Do not bring your passbook and bank card password is lost, do not worry, just click on the fingerprint terminal finger, rfid card reader for access control you can apply for payment, buy phone cards, transfers, and other services.

Now Huifan’s capacitive fingerprint reader HF6000 and HF7000 is widely used in Bank verification. Capacitive fingerprint reader is much safer than optical fingerprint sensor. Want to know more, please contact us.