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Fingerprint Scanner: The beginning of a new secure and hassle free authentication

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-11-29

Collecting user's data and planning business logic around it is mandatory part of understanding what, when and where to assist the user to engage more of the products and services available, And make them available ASAP when business is having none.

Login, with or without social channel, had been a front face for it to identify business value available with solid numbers. And there had been a margin for those users having multiple social account, though being known to the business, to use or sometime misuse the offering of the business model.

Inclusion of Fingerprint Authentication in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), to be utilized in attendance management software free conjunction with public or secret key implementation for user authentication, is going to start a new trend in identifying the user and Face Recognition Time Attendance System making it easier for users too.

Powering it with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and intelligent use of public or secret key makes it robust enough for both Enterprise and User based applications.

Implementation of this feature is being same as several traditional feature of Android OS that is by adding a new permission in your manifest file

FingerprintManager, being the SPOC, that co-ordinates access to the fingerprint hardware.

To ensure FingerprintManager has the data, fingerprints must be enrolled in Settings (Settings > Security > Fingerprint, then follow the enrolment instructions.)

Also you must implement the user interface for the biometric time and attendance software fingerprint fingerprint door access control machine authentication flow on your app, and use the standard Android fingerprint icon in your UI.

And electric door lock wireless obviously the device must have fingerprint hardware.

See Fingerprint Dialog sample and Confirm Credential sample.

There is more required when a business is to be built around an ecosystem of multiple OS (mobile and desktop) but expecting to see applications getting upgraded in Play Store not only with Marshmallow user permission feature but also enabled with fingerprint scanner.