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Fingerprint OR face recognition? Select the Best Attendance Machine for You|HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2019-08-12

The attendance machine has been inseparable from our life. The first thing that every office worker goes to the unit is to "close contact" with the attendance machine. This can be closely related to our salary! Sometimes it is late when we are 30 seconds late. Is it nervous?

I am afraid that the attendance machine will not "know" us at this time. This critical moment does not allow a little bit of sloppyness! And the boss? Of course, the attendance machine is used to supervise the staff! Since everyone thinks that the attendance machine is more important, of course, it is purchased. In the process, we need to know which performance is more important. Is it a fingerprint or a face recognition? With a series of questions, let's start today's topic!

Customized fingerprint attendance machine

HF-A5 Fingerprint Time Attendance

The core part of the fingerprint attendance machine is the fingerprint identification system. It collects, analyzes and compares the living fingerprints through special photoelectric conversion equipment and computer image processing technology, which can quickly and accurately identify the personal identity. The system generally includes processes such as fingerprint image acquisition, fingerprint image processing, feature extraction, and comparison and matching of feature values. Therefore, the fingerprint attendance machine can complete the attendance and attendance when the finger skin is in the correct angle direction and is close to the finger.

Fingerprint attendance has the characteristics of fast recognition, accuracy and convenience, which makes the attendance intelligent. The key part of the fingerprint attendance machine, and the most vulnerable part is the fingerprint film. The longer the fingerprint film is used, the lower the fingerprint recognition rate. In the absence of any scratching and destruction, a fingerprint film generally has more and more fingerprints cannot be recognized or needs to be repeatedly identified after one year. It is to replace the fingerprint film. It takes hundreds of dollars to replace a piece of fingerprint film. It is not included in the service fee. It is a separate material fee. It is usually changed once a year.

The main advantage of the fingerprint attendance machine is that it does not need to carry a card. In the case of using the fingerprint sleeve without cheating, the fingerprint attendance can basically guarantee the phenomenon of punching on behalf of the person, and there is no card loss. The disadvantage is that when the fingerprint attendance machine is used by more than a few hundred people, the processing time is several times slower than other punching methods. At the same time, in the static interference, sweat salt, other stolen goods, finger wear, close angle or pressure is not good, the collection head is difficult to read the fingerprint, the light recognition efficiency is low, the heavy identification fails.

Face recognition attendance machine

HF-RA05 Facial Time Attendance

At present, the most popular one is undoubtedly the face recognition attendance machine, the intelligent face recognition attendance machine, which has been seen everywhere in the domestic high-end office buildings, once again triggering the change of the attendance era, because of its unique characteristics, it is known as the world, the price It is much cheaper than the iris recognition system, so it is favored by the enterprise. It is irreplaceable and irreproducible. It shows a proud attitude and has a tendency to replace the noble iris and fingerprint.

The face recognition attendance machine is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information for identification. First, use a camera or camera to capture images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then perform a series of related techniques on the face of the detected faces, including face image acquisition, face Positioning, face recognition preprocessing, memory storage and comparison identification, to achieve the purpose of identifying different people. Face recognition attendance system combines face recognition and attendance system, and through face recognition as one of the elements of attendance management.

The attraction of face biometrics is its ability to interact with humans. Standard video technology captures images of the face through a standard camera, for example, the position of the eyes, nose and mouth and the relative position between them are recorded and then form a template; thermal imaging techniques are generated by analyzing the blood of the capillaries of the face Hot lines are used to create facial images, and thermal imaging techniques do not need to be in good light conditions, so they can be used even in the dark.

The face is unique to each person. The method of acquisition and processing is mainly standard video and thermal imaging technology. It is more intuitive and easy to distinguish than the fingerprint recognition imaging method. To make up for the difficulty of fingerprint recognition and recognition (some people have fewer fingerprint features, so it is difficult to image). There is also no physical contact between the user and the device, which is more hygienic and safe. This is better than the fingerprint attendance machine.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing an attendance machine?

On the basis of comprehensive consideration of actual needs and budgetary costs, product quality, price and service have become the three major factors affecting the purchase. The quality is mainly reflected in the key performance indicators of the product, such as the core motherboard and CPU, FLASH memory capacity size, time accuracy, software version and so on. The price is mainly reflected in the cost performance of the product. "The same quality of the product than the price, the same price of the product than the quality" is the rational thinking method of the buyer in terms of price. The service aspect is mainly reflected in the after-sales maintenance of the product. The choice of the manufacturer with the strength and the brand itself is a kind of guarantee for the purchase. The manufacturer who has the advantage of the after-sales network of the nationwide warranty can enjoy the convenience of the nearest service. Flexibility to change the company's new offices or relocations to the outside world.

The face recognition attendance machine should also pay attention to the accurate recognition under the sun and the night during the purchase process. The system needs to have automatic proofreading time, automatically capture the face, and have the template self-learning function; dynamically update the face database as the person's age changes, so that the database template is always the user's recent information, so that the user can use it with confidence. In the process of continuous operation, products can also grow.

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