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"Fingerprint Access Control" reader system Interpretation

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-11-18

Now the smart card,BiometricsAnd wireless communication technology is gradually permeate entry ban products, not only from the fundamental It changed the way past the passive security of security products such as closed-circuit surveillance, burglar alarm, etc., to active control instead of the passive monitoring mode, but also broaden the application areas of access control products, to improve the security and convenience of access control products Sex. Currently in ChinaBiometric Access Control SystemBecause of its advantages, it has been applied to the banking system, communications system, medical institutions, municipal institutions, customs, residential quarters, factories, docks, resorts, clubs, club Various types of music venues such as the Department, through the use of biometric access control system greatly improves the efficiency of the safety of management and managers within the region.

First, the product profiles

Chongqing Department recently developed a visual sailFingerprint Access ControlOne product that integrates a variety of advanced technologies, including fingerprint recognition, face detection, WiFi wireless communication, smart card identification, recognition and NFC mobile phones LCD display technology, you can switch the operating mode, select the product to work in one mode or the card reader mode. Operating in one mode, you can control the electric lock according to the results of a card or fingerprint on and off Closed, but also external vice reader bidirectional authentication functions open the door; working in Reader mode, RS485 or Wiegand interface to the host can communicate with the access.

The product supports fingerprint recognition module can be integrated into the fingerprint machine (DS-K1T200MF / DS-K1T200CF) and optical fingerprint machine (DS-K1T300MF / DS-K1T300CF), have a high recognition rate and the efficiency ratio, 1: 1 and 1: N comparison mode, capacitive fingerprint module, also known as semiconductor fingerprint modules or live fingerprint module, according to the mean Irregular surface pattern of different electrostatic potentials to sample verification, use the security level in high demand situations, such as prisons, banks and so on.

Compared with the same industry access one machine, thisFingerprint Access Control machineExcellent processing performance, high-performance processor (ARM Cortex-A9 architecture, 930MHz frequency); the product configuration more than 2 million camera, support face detection and capture capabilities to accurately detect the human face and the human face count the existence within camera range Currently, the card or fingerprint with the application, ensure the review of the Access Control function, can effectively prevent "pinch card" phenomenon; capture images that can be stored in the built-in SD card, the user can be based on the number of captured images Demand, flexible configuration suitable storage capacity SD card, even if the device network anomalies, for off-line mode, you can record a certain number of face images on the LCD screen and can be easily and quickly find and display the attendance of people Members Face images can also be exported via USB devices or over the Internet; the product can support a variety of smart card identification, including Mifare cards, CPU cards, second-generation ID cards, NFC mobile phones; the product Large-sized TFT LCD display can clearly show Access and Attendance operation menu interface, set the product parameters and view the device status; along with wired Ethernet and wireless WiFi function, convenient wiring and installation products.

Second, the key technical indicators

Access one machine is the core control device access control systems, with reliable data storage, power-down data is not lost, collection management, and automatic control as a whole. Implement automated access management, data not only to achieve access control, test Qin dual function, but also can be seamlessly connected with the card system. Generally has a keyboard and display, and manage both the computer networking job, you can not run offline networking, product technical indicators are as follows:

1. The product communication with the host machine supports TCP / IP, WiFi, RS485 and Wiegand interfaces;

2. via RS485 and Wiegand way communication with the Deputy reader;

3. Supports the LCD screen and touch buttons;

4. Support optical and capacitive fingerprint sensor, users can choose different models according to demand;

5. The number of optical fingerprint template support up to 9500, the number of capacitive fingerprint template up to 10,000;

6. The camera is equipped with a sensor resolution of 200W;

7. Support SD card, the capacity can be configured as required;

8. Support 100,000 300,000 card capacity and event recording capacity;

9. Support 2 alarm inputs and 1 alarm output.

Third, the product innovation

1. The product adds face detection function, can be reviewed facial image capture capabilities to achieve.

2. Fingerprint matching using background mode than non-fingerprint matching module, high-performance processor to ensure efficiency and alignment than on performance.

3. The variety of communication interfaces.

4. Functional flexible configuration, can operate in a networked mode or offline mode, can be used as one of the machine can also be used as a card reader.

Fourth, the product advantages and disadvantages, and the optional use of Notes

Biometric technology is gradually booming applied to access control products, access control products are changing the shape of the past. Fingerprint recognition can be described as one of the most advanced and most reliable biometric technology, it is the use of the human body Fixed physiological characteristic as a recognition technology to confirm the identity. Users do not need to bring other foreign objects, can be authenticated through the fingers, high accuracy, the proposed convenience, you can also solve the problem cosmetologists card.

However, the prevalence of false fingerprint identification products is high, can not effectively prevent false fingerprint recognition and low efficiency, seriously affect the user experience. Therefore, attendance access control systems product selection should be "reliability" In the first place. High reliability of the product can effectively reduce system maintenance costs, and easy to manage, to avoid all kinds of disputes incidents. While concerned about the practicality and economy, so the use of simple operation and maintenance Single, high cost, with multi-level model to buy to meet the needs of different levels.