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Finger Vein Readers, the future of Biometrics

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  • Release on:2016-12-19
The vulnerabilities in fingerprint recognition are not exactly secret. And so the race for alternative biometrics is on. It is spurred by a new abundance of cheaply produced sensors - mostly from east Asia - and software connecting them with cloud services. Low interest rates also provide a rich environment for tech investment. It is a technology that is now being used in cash machines there and in Poland.

Fingerprint scanners like this have been around for a while - so we look beneath to find the blood vessels in your fingertips. Your vein pattern is established in employee attendance tracking system the womb, and stable throughout your life. When near-infrared light is transmitted through your finger, part of it gets absorbed by the haemoglobin in your veins. And so the finger vein scanners can authenticate you by your resulting vein pattern.

Now finger vein authentication on trading floors in France and Northern Europe. And British has companies work on a "pay-by-finger" solution Attendance Management System it wireless electronic security systems has trialed at several music festivals. “You place your finger on [the] scanner, they'd security steel door multi lock confirm your name or last few digits of your credit card, and the payment is made in real time.” attendance management software free

There are many different finger vein readers now available in the UK, this technology is not just for the banking sector but for any business that wants to confirm the true identity of an individual whether it be clocking on and off site for construction workers or establishing your security credentials when entering a military base! To discuss your security requirements and receive impartial advise contact www.hfteco.com.