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Facing the future: the use of face recognition today

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-12-08

The future is here. All we have to do is face it.

At least this is what the latest facial recognition and detection developers think.

I mean, this is really not surprising, how many people do you think are using Snapchat today to send selfies with crazy filters?

How many people have viewed their potential photos on Facebook to ensure they are tagged? (Or not, in the case of really embarrassing photos, such as photos that soon become ex-friends that the world needs to see.)

The fact is that facial recognition and detection software is everywhere. This may be a great thing.

Facial Recognition Device

Suppose someone tries to steal your identity online or use your photo under another name. Using facial recognition technology, ideally, you can search the entire Internet to see where each face photo was posted.

In addition to our lives on social media, facial recognition software can also provide protection against other threats.

From using facial recognition in smart security cameras to using it in digital medical applications, facial recognition software can help us create a safer and healthier future.

Facial recognition search engine and social media
We can see the progress of face recognition technology on Facebook in the United States.

Facebook has just recently launched a facial recognition feature called "Photo Comments", which can alert users every time they post photos of their faces.

This way, you can more easily add new photo tags to yourself, follow those photos that are not tagged, or contact your friends to remind them that they will not post photos.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

RA08T Facial Recognition Temperature Access Control Device with HDMI 

In Russia, VK.com has released its own version of Photo Review called FindFace.

For users who are not familiar with VK.com, it is basically the Russian version of Facebook. FindFace is more distinctive than Photo Review, and as its name implies, it can find faces.

If you want to find someone on VK.com, but only have their photo, you can simply log in and use a jpeg or png photo (as long as it is less than 5 Mb) to search.

Google is also involved in this field.

With its reverse image search feature, Google allows you to search for specific faces in images from the web.

So maybe you have pictures of celebrities in your mind, but you can't find them?

With this new Google facial recognition feature, you can upload any photo of a celebrity and search for other similar photos with faces.

When it comes to facial recognition software and its uses, not all such technologies are required to find photos.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

What if facial recognition software can be used to protect your designs and assets?

Well, this is exactly what PicWiser plans to do.

PicWiser is mainly sold as a tool for designers and photographers. It works like Google reverse image search, but specializes in infringement.

It collects information about all instances of your design or photos appearing in the search and reports it to you.

Face recognition application
Google has taken facial recognition technology a step forward and now uses its software to group photos by face.

Not only that, they also introduced a pet recognition feature, so you can easily browse photos of dogs or cats without having to scroll through all the photo libraries.

You can also search for words such as "dog", and photos of all dogs in your phone will appear.

For pet lovers like me, this is indeed a great feature.

Let's face it, if you have a pet, more than half of the photos are just one of them sleeping.

But you often want to find a specific person to prove to your colleagues that they are really cute.

Now, the task is easier.

Speaking of animals in photos, have you checked the latest snapchat filters?

Of course there is! As a tech-savvy person, you probably know that Snapchat uses facial recognition software.

But did you know that it actually takes three separate but instantaneous processes to get you a realistic gothic makeup or Santa hat?

First, the program runs its face detection to find the boundaries of your face and set the grid.

Next, it looks for facial landmarks. That’s your nose, eyes, etc.

Then, it processes the entire image and applies algorithms based on thousands of other faces to draw your unique face.

This all happened within a second before applying the filter to deform the face.
Facial recognition software has more altruistic uses.

Face2Gene is a medical application that uses facial recognition technology to help detect certain genetic diseases or syndromes from patient photos.

The software is able to detect certain phenotypes to shed light on the underlying reasons why patients have certain facial and non-facial features.

The use of facial recognition technology in healthcare is an incredibly innovative idea, and I can write another lengthy blog on it.

But I do hope that people will start investing in this technology because I believe that its uses in healthcare are limitless.

You can also use faces to create 3D avatars for games, and build AR (augmented reality) applications based on real-time, real face transformations.

Face recognition security camera
Facial recognition technology is not only applicable to apps and social media.

It can also be used for security.

Google Nest Cam
For those who are ready to use some important safety muscles, skip the guards and check out the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

Nest Cam IQ is designed to withstand bad weather and tampering, and can monitor your property 24/7.

It can detect people 50 feet away, so you can lead any unwanted guests.

When combined with Nest Aware, the camera can also recognize familiar faces and send alerts to the phone through its app.

Nest Cam IQ has some very impressive features that can help ensure the safety of your family and never miss any special moments.

Many things are happening in the world of facial recognition technology. With each development, 10 new ideas have emerged. With so many things in front of us, it will be interesting to see what the rise of this facial recognition technology will bring us.

Facial recognition resources

Build your own facial recognition technology? These resources will help you with data collection and training.

Gaze data set – Does your device recognize the user's gaze? Test your technology with real line of sight data.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Collection – Learn how to collect facial recognition data for emerging technologies.

Need help collecting customized data? Learn how we collect image and video data for training your facial recognition device.

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