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Why is the global facial recognition equipment market rising?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-10-10

Face recognition is a conputerapplicationprogram, but differentfrom different computer programs, face recognition is a complexcomputer program with biological characteristics. This computer program can capture images of human faces. It uses the AI facialalgorithm tocompareandanalyze the facial information with the exists and is safe. This facial recognition copmputer program is generally used in ther security field, mainly including monitoring, access, and access permission settings. In addition to the security field, it can also be used to mark photos of people and find missing persons.

Biometric Facial Recognitionhas a key advantage, it can improve the securitylevel, and can be integrated with the existing and used securityfunctions on the market to help users achieve independentauthentication.Compared with other biometric authenticationtechnologies, the face recognition authentication technologyrequires less processing time, and with the continuousimprovementanddevelopmentof face recognition algorithms and technologies, the accuracy of recognition has also been improved.

Facial recognition algorithms continue to advance,and there arevery good facial recognition manufacturers. According to the Global Facial Recognition Algorithm Test (FRVT) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), several companies have obtained thetechnology Certainly, thera are Sense Time, Face++, ShenzhenInstitute of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences, VisionLabs, NEUROTechnology, Camvi Technologies. It is precisely because of the emergence of these companies that face recognition is in a good competitive atmosphere, a hundred flowers bloom, facial recognition The market will get a higher level.

Analysis of the business model composition of the face recognition industry

Analysis of Value Positioning in the Face Recognition Industry

(1) Positioning of the business scope of the face recognition industry

Human Face recognition companies provide various services such as portrait collection, portrait detection, portrait comparison, face recognition database development, etc. Many companies are in a hybrid mode and provide all services; in addition, in terms of market positioning, there are Governments and institutions such as smart cities, security, counter-terrorism, public safety, smart rails, education, etc.; also positioned in commercial fields such as finance, payment, and smart cars. However, as an entrepreneur, an enterprise needs to know its future development direction, its own advantages, customer needs and the most suitable market mechanism.

(2) Target customer positioning in the face recognition industry

The face recognition industry has different target customers according to different business scopes. For example, Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. provides face recognition and detection, face recognition static comparison database, and its products are mainly used in security, public security, and transportation departments.

At present, face recognition technology has undergone tremendous changes in industrial applications, from industries with low security and reliability requirements, such as security and communities, to industries with high security and reliability requirements such as financial and social insurance, securities, banking, and Internet finance. The application of these industries will make face recognition technology rise to a new level.

RA08T Face Recognition Temperature (2)

Distribution of anroid face recognition applications

At present, the application of face recognition in the field of attendance/access control is the most mature, accounting for about 42% of the industry market; security is one of the earliest applications of face recognition, and its market share is about 30%; finance is the face Identify one of the important application areas in the future, accounting for about 20% of the industry.

Face recognition open source application product structure

From the perspective of application products, embedded devices currently account for 53% of the face recognition market, and online applications supported by software development kits (SDK) account for 47%.

Network and information security technology has become a research hotspot at present. As the first barrier to network and information security, identity authentication technology has received particular attention and in-depth research. With the development of sensor technology, various identity authentication technologies based on biometrics have developed rapidly. Among them, the face has the advantages of easy collection, direct convenience, non-invasiveness to the collected person, easy acceptance, and strong concealment. Therefore, face recognition technology has huge market potential.

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