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Facial Recognition for your Visitor Management Solution HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity Biometric
  • Release on:2021-02-23

Recently, facial recognition device has rapidly become popular as a form of on-site verification. By achieving fast and accurate identity verification, many organizations benefit from improved on-site security and increased check-in efficiency levels through facial recognition technology (FRT). In today's feature article, we discussed facial recognition for visitor management solutions.

1. How facial recognition works

Facial recognition access control  allows organizations to easily add image or video analysis to the registration process of visitors, contractors and guests arriving on site. If the visitor has previously checked in on site and authorized the visitor management kiosk to capture their facial photos, their facial features will be recognized immediately, allowing the visitor to bypass multiple check-in workflow screens and display them in the following locations The only access details: screen. The visitor will complete the rest of the visitor sign-in workflow from here, confirm the visit details, sign the NDA and print their visitor badge.

For first-time visitors, they have the opportunity to pre-upload photos in the email invitation, or connect their LinkedIn profile to provide the visitor management kiosk with the data needed for identification, so that visitors can bypass multiple sign-in screens Workflow and display unique access details on the screen. In addition, for unplanned site visitors, the photo capture process in the "Visitor Management Kiosk" is a simple and time-saving process that can be completed quickly.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

2. Benefits of facial recognition

  • Enhanced security

By allowing organizations to easily identify and track any newcomers, the security team can change policies to increase focus on other areas of the security protocol, while the visitor management kiosk can verify and authenticate visitors, contractors, and guests.

  • Higher precision

With the help of 3D mapping and deep learning, facial recognition terminal technology is highly reliable and can perform face comparison analysis in a few seconds, comparing faces for various user verification, classification, people counting, and public safety use cases.

  • Data storage in compliance with GDPR

HFSecurity's facial recognition time attendance system is designed with GDPR compliance in mind. Facial recognition is largely based on its ability to recognize faces based on facial features. Everyone has their own unique set of unique facial features, called nodes. These nodes cannot be copied and can be set to be automatically erased after a set time has passed. No actual photo images are stored on the client network, which means that the identity of the visitor remains safe.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

  • Easy to integrate

Facial recognition measuring terminal is an easy-to-integrate feature that can be deployed into a secure ecosystem that already utilizes visitor management and access control. This allows organizations to consolidate ingress/egress data into a centralized platform, thereby increasing the visibility of third parties on site.

  • Globally scalable

Facial recognition systen was developed using Amazon’s Rekognition software, a proven, highly scalable deep learning technology developed by Amazon’s computer vision scientists and can analyze billions of images and videos every day.

  • Improve first impression

Facial recognition equipment is a great way to enhance a company’s brand image and give customers a strong first impression. With its introduction, the visitor's check-in process has been simplified and faster than ever.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

  • very successful

The software provides consistent response time, no matter how many requests you make. Even if your request volume increases to tens of millions of requests, application latency remains consistent.

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HFSecurity Face Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition Device

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device HFSecurity Face Recognition Device