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Facial Recognition for Employee Time Tracking

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-12-23

Facial Recognition For Employee Time Tracking

During the pandemic, business owners are now paying more and more attention to contactless ways to track employees’ working hours, calculate wages and create flexible shifts, while avoiding the risk of pollution. Attractive technology to replace the biometric fingerprint clock used to track employee time and attendance.

What is facial recognition and how it works

Nowadays, china facial recognition is a convenient, user-friendly person recognition technology that does not require a password/card. The main algorithm of the technology includes two stages-identification and verification.

Employees only need to look at the camera, and the system will recognize the face in less than a second.

Facial recognition is based on accurate biometric facial recognition software, a simple and effective solution for employee time and attendance tracking.

Tablet-sized devices at the entrances of office buildings or workplaces have built-in software that makes it possible.

Facial Recognition Device

Advantages of using facial recognition technology

Non-contact technology can not only help control employees' working hours, but also save business resources through automated control processes and employee time card management.

The system can be used on mobile devices, which makes it easier for large and medium-sized enterprises to afford time and attendance tracking.

The function of the system has undeniable advantages, such as

  • Reduce administrative costs by 5-10%
  • Improve staff quality by 10%
  • Supervisors save more than 15% of time by automating attendance control
By implementing facial recognition software, companies can optimize production costs because:

  • The attendance system can obtain real-time data of all employees' working hours.
  • The optimization of organizational expenses is based on the effective data received.
The service can effectively solve a series of HR tasks, for example, by capturing the time of workers entering and exiting, being late or absent to achieve better discipline.

Supervisors can view current data online and set up alarm notifications to prevent employees from not registering.

The ability to automate employee attendance through facial recognition software and integrate it with the payroll system can improve discipline in the workplace and reduce administrative costs by 5-10%.

The main advantage

  • Use facial recognition software to fully automate employee time and attendance tracking 
  • User-friendly tools that can help optimize management and labor costs
  • Reliable, easy to use and fast system
  • Easy to install. No additional hardware required
  • Run autonomously in online/offline mode. There is no need to keep him connected to the computer.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

Face recognition Software function for employee management

  • Automatic working time card
  • Real-time monitoring of employees
  • Detect late clock and lost time
  • When an employee is late-this is the first sign that the employee is inefficient. Lack of seriousness and personal problems will lead to poor customer service. With real-time reporting, managers will be able to determine that the department and certain employees can improve performance.
  • This method is also suitable for small offices and large production sites. Through facial recognition system, contactless cards or smart keys can be used for clock in and out registration.
  • Combining multiple terminals into one system can handle remote locations and departments, which is most suitable for large organizations.
  • The data is real-time. When there is no connection with the server, the device can store all events and automatically send them to the system after the connection is restored.

Other functional advantages

  • Automatic attendance system can solve employee management tasks
  • Electronic time card management. Track power take-offs, holidays, sick days. Flexible shifts. Lunch break.
  • Instant registration and monitoring of late clocks, early departures, absences, access control
  • Ability to add your own events or rules. Business trip and vacation registration. Task management
  • Calculate salary (bonus) based on schedule and working hours. Calculated every hour. Calculate the number of days of absence, the clock for being late, the salary of leaving early
  • Real-time report shows the current situation
  • Export working hours in various formats to payroll software
  • Automatic scheduling according to schedule
  • Notification alert for employees arriving late and leaving early

Access control

How facial recognition technology is useful in a business environment

  • Non-contact attendance system
  • Easy to install and use on existing terminals
  • The perfect solution for employee clock
  • Temperature filtering via email alert
  • Wear a mask to work in a dark environment
  • 5000 employees

Facial recognition readers are very useful for medium and large companies with 50 to 100 employees. The solution provides safe technology to track employees' working hours and screen the temperature at the entrance when needed. These devices are well integrated with the clock terminal and can directly send data to the attendance system.

If you have any inquiries about biometrics, you can contact us.

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HFSecurity Face Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition DeviceFacial Recognition Device

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device HFSecurity Face Recognition Device