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Why you choose Facial Recognition Access Control System

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-07-16
For modern communities, the access control system is an indispensable component. At present, access control systems are generally divided into two types, one is traditional access control and smart access control. The purpose they both achieve is the same, that is to improve the security level of the community to achieve the purpose of protection. However, the functions are different. Intelligent access control has achieved a qualitative improvement. After all, it uses so many modern technologies to improve the security performance.

What is traditional access control and what is smart face recognition access control?

1. Traditional access control

Since the 1990s, the access control system has appeared on the Chinese market. At this time, the access control system only has the functions of calling and unlocking, but no visibility. After a few years, it gradually appeared in black and white, and gradually appeared in color. If a stranger can enter and leave at will in a community, there will be certain security risks in this community. No one knows whether the stranger will have illegal thoughts, whether he is stepping on a point, etc. In addition, the inconvenience of traditional access control is reflected in two aspects: visitor management and the problem of lost card.

The visitor registration needs to be registered by the security staff, the process is complicated, and the security personnel also need to call the owner to confirm again and again. It makes the owner feel that the process is too cumbersome and that the property is not user-friendly. There is also a problem with the loss of the door card. After losing the access card, the resident needs to renew the door card, and it is inevitable to pay the access card fee, and the time-consuming queuing process. What if the tenant is lost? It also requires the owner to follow the tenant to go through the replacement procedures together, the process is actually troublesome, and it is easy for the owner to have an opinion on the property.

This also led to some households encountering frauds for convenience and even went online to find someone to copy the community door card. At the same time, it also raises a question about the reproducibility of the access control card and whether it is safe to use the access control card. At the same time, many communities are now gradually not using access control cards, but using the face to enter and exit.

2. Smart face recognition access control

Speaking of the face-to-face application of face recognition technology, the access control system has been upgraded, and the security level of the community has also been qualitatively improved. The most feared thing about the traditional access control system is that strangers will take advantage of the security guard's inattention and follow the owner group into the community, causing risks. The intelligent face recognition access control system can do this protection, through the identification of the front-end equipment, and then link the alarm of the back-end software, so that the portrait is visually presented on the alarm interface, and the sound and light alarm is triggered on site.

The rear monitoring personnel can mobilize security to intercept, this function can also be called anti-trailing function. At this time, I believe that the owners think that this will cause their own travel inconvenience? It can tell you that it does not affect, but is more convenient. First of all, the traditional access control system relies on the access card and password to enter and exit the community, while Wanwei Intelligent Face Recognition Access Control only needs to swipe the face, without carrying the access card.

Moreover, it is very inconvenient for children to carry the access control card. If the child accidentally loses the access control card, he has to go to make it up again. If he goes to apply again, he will have to pay the card fee, and will have to enter the data and wait for the processing time. , Which is very unfavorable for the time cost of households. Therefore, intelligent face recognition access control not only provides security management of the community, but also provides convenience in and out of the community, reducing the trouble of applying for the door card, because "face" is the pass of the community.