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Face recognition visitor machine makes front desk visitors smarter

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-11-19

Sometimes we know that the speed of social development is too fast, but whenever a technology replaces the previous technology, we are still surprised by the speed of elimination.

Nowadays, most of the registration departments have chosen facial recognition visitors to replace the previous handwriting registration, and facial recognition visitors quickly spread in the market as soon as they appeared. So, where is the good face recognition of visitors?

In the past, people used handwritten registration for visitor management. Although the classification of the registration book was very comprehensive, visitors were often perfunctory for convenience. In addition, the handwriting was scribbled and difficult to identify after reading. Even if some units require identification documents, it is easy to get in with fake certificates or borrow other people's identity documents. In addition, even if there is no problem with the visitor, it is really impossible to know whether the interviewee of the enterprise is free and convenient to visit in the past. Many visitors make a trip for nothing, which not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also a waste. Took my own time.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

Face recognition Visitors can quickly scan and recognize the second-generation ID card. The identity information of the visitor will be directly displayed on the system according to the classification. At the same time, the real-time camera function also guarantees the authenticity of the collected images again. After the visitor's information is collected, a proximity card or receipt will be issued, and the visitor will visit the premises. Before leaving, the identity information will be cancelled at the registration office again, thus completing a complete visit.

Face recognition visitors have been recognized by many business units due to their efficient registration and simple operations. The use of face recognition visitors to ensure internal security and achieve personnel management has become the mainstream method nowadays.

Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, parks, office buildings and other places have always attached importance to the safe and orderly operation of the office environment. In today's digital situation, how to strengthen security management to ensure the personal and property safety of staff, and to adapt to the paperless office, automated office, and long-term effective storage of visitor information and instant query under information conditions, so as to realize visitor appointment Digital management is an inevitable demand for face recognition visitors.

The first is the integrated inspection system of human identification, which scans the ID of the visitor to obtain the visitor's information in real time to confirm the identity of the visitor and prevent impersonation; the second is the access process management system, which mainly provides two access modes, namely on-site visit and public Make an appointment in advance. The visitor provides the information of the visit through advance registration or on-site registration, including: visitor information (name, ID, contact information), interviewee information (name, contact information), interview The reason, access time, etc., support visitor type classification, and set different access permissions for different types of visitors.

From visitor registration to identification, to information entry and subsequent management, the whole process is intelligent and automatic, without wasting a single bit of effort. During this whole process, visitors only need to do two things: provide their credentials to the front desk when they visit for the first time and let the camera see your face. In this way, when you visit again, you can freely enter and exit in the "Welcome..." prompt of the guest machine.
HFSecurity Face Recognition Device
Face recognition visitors adopt the method of certificate registration, embedded OCR recognition technology, can distinguish the authenticity of the certificate while registering; in addition to the ID card, the visitor machine can also scan the driver's license, military officer's card, passport, Hong Kong and Macau residence permit, etc. There are many ways to register, which is more convenient.

At the same time, the camera linked to the visitor's machine will automatically capture the facial information for photo identification and compare it with the ID. If necessary, it can also be connected to the public security network to compare all the visitor's information with suspicious persons in the public security database. , Fully guarantee the security of visitor identity.

Interviewees verify and approve according to different visitors. The receptionist guides visitors according to the access permissions obtained by the visitors. The face recognition visitor management staff can manage the whole process through the system.

Facial recognition visitors can 1. Better manage visitors and provide digital protection 2. Better improve the service efficiency of the place of use 3. Better improve the intelligent image of the place of use.

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