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Face recognition in the use of security

  • Author:zz
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  • Release on:2017-03-06
Face recognition more and more attention, in fact, the use of face recognition in the security industry is also very wide.
Video Surveillance
The combination of face recognition technology and video surveillance, the equivalent of front-end intelligent analysis capabilities integrated into the high-definition network camera, the past is simply used to "see" the camera into an independent thinking ability to analyze the intelligent "eyes "
Face recognition technology and video surveillance combined with the intelligent camera embedded intelligence capabilities to the front of the chip, the formation of intelligent front-end, to adapt to the needs of different application scenarios, improve the ability of early warning and monitoring efficiency. At the same time, so that high-definition monitoring more active, more money. Intelligent high-definition camera integrates the object left, the object removed, perimeter invasion, wandering, crossing the line and other behavior detection and alarm function, so that passive monitoring into active monitoring, greatly enhance the efficiency of the system. At the same time, the camera has only transmit and store intelligent analysis to trigger the alarm video data, to avoid high-definition video image transmission takes up a lot of network bandwidth, but also greatly saves back-end data storage resources for customers to save construction investment.
Smart City / Community
In the construction of safe city and intelligent city, face recognition technology can be applied to the transformation of enterprises, communities and parks. By combining the face recognition and building security system through hardware and software solutions, it can bring to enterprises and citizens A new security experience. Traffic management is often caused by the property and the owners of the reasons for the dispute, do not set the credit card access can not guarantee the security of the district; set the credit card access, the owner forget the phenomenon with the access card often occurs, and face recognition access to the friendly and property owners Solve the problem. By setting the face access control, the owner does not need to bring the card, just brush the face can be 1S through, rather than the district staff can not be mixed through the face recognition area.
Social Security
The promotion of face recognition system will greatly facilitate the work of public security personnel, making the "pursuit of fugitives" is no longer a fishing needle in the sea, on the one hand through the train station, airport and other population distribution of public places to install the camera, the scene capture photos and public security Chasing the library for face recognition, identify the success of the location after the suspect; on the other hand for the identity of the suspects, by the suspect photos and archives, such as face comparison to confirm the identity of the suspect. Face recognition to the case investigation and security control more intelligent, fast, to enhance the efficiency of the case for business, reducing the detection of personnel, time costs, improve the security control system.
Access control system
Face recognition access control system is the product of information technology, electronic communication technology and biometrics technology development, and is an effective measure to realize safety management. The system is in use, through the non-contact card, do not contact with the device directly trigger face recognition, as long as the operator in front of the device is standing, the system can collect the required information to achieve access control, recording, data transmission and many Features. The system has become a security guard technology into a new generation of bio-identification of an important symbol of the era of intelligence.

        In order to strictly control the monitoring area, the production area personnel access, to prevent criminals to escape, to achieve effective unified command to ensure the safety of the supervision of the premises, in the prison gate and AB door to install intelligent face recognition management system.
On the security face recognition, the above is only a small part, with the face recognition and the use of more and more people more and more attention, security and face recognition will have more aspects of the combination.