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Face in the end is what?

  • Author:zzx
  • Source:zzx
  • Release on:2015-12-07

Face Recognition, It is a breakdown of visual pattern recognition problem, and also probably the most difficult to solve a problem.

In fact, we who are doing all the time visual pattern recognition, we get visual information through the eyes, through the brain processes such information is recognized as a meaningful concept. So we know that in front of us is glass, books, or anything else.

We also face recognition all the time, every day we encounter many people in life, which recognize those acquaintances, and they greet, deal, ignoring other strangers. Even those who avoid paying the money we owe is not yet on people.

However, this seemingly simple task, but the machine is not so easy to achieve,smart card for door access control.

Computer terms, an image information, whether it is a static picture, or dynamic video in one, is a composition by the number of pixels of the matrix. For example, a digital image of 1080p, is a 1980 * 1080 pixel dots matrix, each pixel point, if the rgb 8bit format, it is the three values ​​of the 0-255 number.

Machine needs in these data, find out what a certain part of the data on behalf of the concept: what part of the data is glass, which is part of the book, which is part of the human face, which is a visual pattern recognition crude classification.

The face recognition, it is necessary that all the machines considered part of the data is in the face,facial time attendance and access control, The distinction between the human face belongs to whom, this is a fine classification.