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Face Security-- Biometric HFSecurity

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on :2019-08-06

                            Face Security-- Biometric HFSecurity

As we know, Biometric has become one of the most important part in people daily life, as for Fingerprint, Voice, IRIS, Face, Finger Vein, etc, all of those let people feel more secure and convenience.

Face recognition as one of the most popular way, widely using for police, bank, national ID, even for time attendance, access control, the accuracy up to 99.99% to protect citizen’s interest.

RA05 Face Recognition Detecting Moveing Faces

RA05 is the new live face scan device, It can detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen, and with flexible detecting distance from 0.5 meter to 4 meters. It can work good under sunlight and at dark night. The device with free API document, customer can develop own software and upload data to server. Meanwhile we offer complete free software, available for attendance and access control.

HF-A5 Android Biometric Attendance and Access Control

HF-A5 is one of best selling Android time attendance and access control device in HFSecurity. 5" touch screen, communication by Ethernet, 3G,WIFI and bluetooth, with fingerprint and RFID card recognition. You can check real time data in software, also we will offer free SDK for further development and 3rd part access control door lock function. It's widely use for company, government, banking, education, etc.

RA07 Face Recognition Detecting Moving Face Access Control

RA07 is  HFSecurity newest 7 inch dynamic facial live scan time attendance access control with Android 8.1 OS, supports Ethernet and WIFI connection. It can detect 5 moving persons at 4 meters within 0.7 seconds, IP54 level, work outdoor and mainly be designed for turnstile system.

Recently a very influential event called Hong Kong protests, according to news reports in New York, both sides of recent mass protests in Hong Kong have been using facial recognition to identify individuals on the other side to check the real identity. also face recognition for police has widely use for USA, UK and some other countries. At the same time, we also need to Protect the rights and privacy of citizens, for HFSecurity, all the facial machine will offer demo and SDK/API for clients own system build, let clients choose their own way to protect user’s information.

More details about face machine pls check www.hfteco.com

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