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Face Recognition vs Face Detection: What’s the difference?

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2020-12-11

Is it detection or recognition first?

Seriously, face recognition has attracted widespread attention and is now considered the most promising application in image and video analysis. Face detection is an important part of the face recognition process. In fact, this is the first step towards facial recognition and other processes such as facial analysis.

The face detection system uses machine learning or deep learning algorithms to determine the presence and position of a face in a still image or video frame. The process is anonymous-face detection is not used to identify one or more detected faces. No personally identifiable information is stored. It only places a bounding box around the detected faces to show the position of these faces in the image or video.

Facial Recognition Device

What is face recognition?

As you may have collected by now, face recognition is a biometric technology that doubles in the detection of faces in images or videos. Further determine your own face. The face recognition system works by taking a face image and predicting whether the face matches other faces or other faces in the provided database. The technology predicts, compares and predicts potential matches of faces, regardless of their expression, facial hair and age.

With the latest development of deep learning, face recognition has become highly accurate, with an accuracy of over 99%, and the placement reliability threshold of the false acceptance rate is one thousandth.

Face recognition and face detection-what is the difference?

How companies use facial recognition to enhance their processes

Facial recognition technology is a valuable tool for people who need to verify their identity and verify the identity of users. Financial institutions have adopted facial recognition to simplify the KYC process and provide customers with a frictionless banking experience. Other applications of this technology include payment verification and access control.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

RA08T Facial Recognition Temperature Access Control Device with HDMI 

Let's look at these applications in more detail:

Know your customer (KYC)

Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and payment service providers must comply with strict anti-fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) laws and regulations. Part of this compliance includes knowing who their customers are and determining whether the person conducting the financial transaction is really who they say they are.

With the rise of digital and online channels in the financial sector, the ability to execute KYC remotely has become increasingly important. This is where facial recognition comes in. By using facial recognition software in the KYC process, financial institutions no longer need their customers to open accounts or conduct high-value transactions in person.

Instead, they can ask customers to send copies of their identity documents and selfies to verify their identity during the on-boarding period. Then, the facial recognition software compares the selfie with the photo in the ID and determines whether there is a match. The software's perspective selfie is taken by a real person at the time of submission, or is it likely to be deception (activity detection).

Payment verification

Until now, most people are accustomed to two-factor verification when making electronic payments-whether it is providing a CVV number from a credit card, or having to provide a one-time password sent via SMS when purchasing online, or having to swipe the bank at the point of sale Enter the password when you card. Due to the use of Apple's Touch ID and Face ID technologies, people are now accustomed to using their biometric data to authenticate online transactions.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Device

Fortunately, because the PSD2 regulations will come into effect in the European Economic Area (EEA) in September 2019, two-factor authentication is required, of which biometric technology is considered one of the authentication options. This means that more and more payment service providers will consider using some kind of facial recognition technology to verify payments.

Payment service providers can achieve this goal in practice in many ways. For example, they can let customers choose to use face recognition on their smartphones, or in an in-store environment, they can install cameras that can recognize faces on payment terminals.

Access control

Whether it is used to access smart buildings, protect the security of equipment and applications, simplify check-in procedures at airports and hotels, or involve event participants, facial recognition can help improve and speed up all these processes. Depending on the usage, it can help improve the user experience, shorten processing time, and increase security.
Similar to payment verification, you can use the built-in Face ID built-in smartphone function or use the facial recognition camera to achieve facial recognition for access control.

In conclusion

Face detection is the first step and part of a larger computer vision process such as face analysis and face recognition. Face recognition is a more complicated process. The process starts with face detection and continues to determine whether two or more faces match, usually for the purpose of identity verification or recognition.

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