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Face Recognition Technology Used In Online Payment

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-10-13

Recently the Alipay mobile clinets applied face recognition technology in the payment method. User no need to input password, just use their mobile phone camera to recognize the face to login.

But some users will wonder Internet Access Controller whether it is safe to use face recognition? If he didn’t submit his personal photo to the system, how will it verify? If some one else looks like him, will it verify successfully also?

For this, the Alipay staff feedback that, face recognition technology is mature in market now, and is of higher security than traditional password. They had trailed this face recognition as the assistance of password about for about one year, and haven’t got the complain web based biometric attendance system from user for the wrong verification.

First, user should use password to login the Alipay, then the face recognition payment service will be available. At the first time of verification, the mobile phone camera will collect users’ face features at 360 degree and then record the latest condition. Then it will match the face informationwith card access system for door security the photo on user identity card that is provided by the public security system to confirm the users identify. When user login Alipay with face recognition again, the internal identity verifcation system in Alipay will match it with the face information collected last time, and at the same time, it will submit the information to the public security system for double confirm. After all the verification, user can login successfully.

Face recognition technology is more and more trailed in Internet financial platform, but it still need time for users to accept it.