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Face Detection and Face Recognition

  • Author:ZZX
  • Source:ZZX
  • Release on:2015-12-07

Complete recognition of the work, to go through several steps. First, the computer needs to locate the position of the face in the image or video, this part of the work is generally known face detection. As mentioned earlier, this is a rough classification, specific Human face detection, is actually two classified computer only need to determine the target image is a face or not. However, due to not advance to determine the size and location of the human face, the computer needs to face every possible size of the whole map Scanned individually determine child window image, taken whether human face. And each time the scanning process, the child window moves step may be a few pixels.

So you can imagine substantially lower, as a picture of the face detection, the computer needs to determine how many times a second classification made.

Face detection steps to get from a picture in the face of the position and size, and the portion of the image to the next steps, including: human face pieces point positioning, face image alignment and normalization face image quality selection, feature extraction, feature comparison. After all the steps are completed, in order to learn the identity of the human face.

of course,Facial Time AttendanceWe can also use a separate face detection function to complete certain applications, such as the current most of the cameras, and cell phone camera has face detection function that can automatically face position, and thus to make some auto-focus and image optimization. Even face to do some preliminary judgments, such as sex, age, and even color values.

1v1 face verification to find and 1VN Face

The hero through a variety of ways to muddle through the layers of authentication, successfully entered a confidential sector, which is often the plot of the movie. This layer of authentication is often includedFace Recognition. In this application, users often need to provide their identity.

For example, use the door card, computer card through the door in the background can get face samples door to the card owner, which currently use the door card human face images are compared to identify people who are currently using the card door and door cards Owner match, so avoid people picked up door cards to easily mix your company.

This is a 1v1 authentication, the computer and the human face of the current inventory compared to a human face, is an adjunct to other verification methods, thereby improving the reliability of the authentication. This application is now widely used, such as access to sensitive facilities, remote Internet accounts in the financial sector and large extracts of identity verification,Web-based biometric time and attendance system.