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Expand finger vein technology applications with little good recognition rate

   With the rapid development of network information technology, and now through the computer using the body's inherent physical characteristics or behavioral characteristics to identify a person's identity has been more widely applied. includeFingerprint recognition,Iris Recognition,Face Recognition,Palmprint recognition,Vein recognitionAnd a variety of integrated biometric recognition, these technologies have not easily forgotten and lost, not easily forged and stolen, can "carry", use anywhere, etc., have been of concern to the whole world.
   As an emerging industry of information technology, biometric technology has been in the international market in 2011 with sales of $ 5 billion, is expected by the end of 2015 to over 10 billion US dollars. Currently, the finger vein biometric technology has been applied in many fields, a veritable industry has entered a golden age of development.
   According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute biometrics industry report predicts that from 2007 to 2013, the global biometrics market size CAGR of around 22%, which in most of the global industry growth rate of less than 5% of contrast seem rare However, biometrics is now not only a hot technology in the next decade will continue to maintain rapid growth is expected in 2020, the scale of global biometric market will reach $ 25 billion.
   BiometricsIt has made people freed from tedious password messy IC card, and one of the finger vein recognition technology has been the industry as the world's leading biometric technology, which is only 0.0001% false acceptance rate, far below the fingerprint 1.3% from 0.001% and the face. While fingerprint identification technology, face recognition is developing rapidly, but there are some flaws. In addition to identifying the technology itself needs to be improved, it is difficult to avoid some of the problems, such as the ability of the affected body temperature, in some cases, such as sudden peeling, and so will affect the recognition of the injured. In this case, the finger vein recognition technology came into being, the industry as the world's leading biometric technology.
   It is understood, fingerprint, face, iris identification system is good, but there are still some technical flaws. For example, once popular in the online "tutorial DIY fingerprint film", as long as your fingerprint fingerprint film is made, it can let someone else pinch card. Furthermore, if a fugitive through plastic surgery to change his appearance, then security measures for customs, airports and other public places, will be like a dummy. In addition, although the accuracy of iris recognition technology is extremely high, but the blind or eye patients is powerless, and iris recognition technology requires an expensive camera for image acquisition, the high cost, easy to use large-scale promotion. In China, iris recognition technology promotion difficult, there is another important factor is that the technology is very difficult to identify the black eyes. Moreover, when people suffering from a cold or pharyngitis, sound will be a big contrast with the usual, this time, the voice recognition system is likely to occur misjudgment or unrecognized.
   As a "living body identification" technology, finger vein recognition is made by a finger vein identification device finger vein personal profile, the characteristic values ​​are stored, and then match the personal identification technology. Its basic principle is to use a vein of red blood cells to absorb near infrared rays that particular feature, near-infrared irradiation finger by finger image sensor senses light transmittance over to get inside of a finger vein image, and then perform biometric identification. The key is to flow through the veins of hemoglobin in red blood cells have a wavelength in the near infrared absorption of 700-1000 nanometers, resulting in the near-infrared transmittance less vein portion, when after a near-infrared transmittance, vein in the image sensor senses the image will be highlighted, and finger muscles, bones and other parts are weakened, resulting in a clear vein image. Finger vein recognition technology textured finger vein authentication, harmful to humans, has not easily be stolen, counterfeit and other characteristics.
   Currently the finger vein authentication feature recognition system, tested "false consciousness rate" as low as ten parts per million, breaking the day, technological monopoly Korea and other countries. Yannan technology as finger vein biometrics field leader living in Peking University for technical support, focusing on research and experimental technology, finger vein biometric technology, master fingerprints, palm prints, palm vein, finger vein biometric core technology , it is also currently the only independent intellectual property rights finger vein biometric products and solutions provider, for finger vein biometric technology research has a wealth of experience. Refers to the comprehensive promotion and application of intravenous technology, we believe the future will be to provide a people's life security, reliability, higher living environment.