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Emirates will launch a comprehensive immigration biometric systems

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-11
UAE will be one of the most technologically advanced perimeter security electric fence systems countries in terms of border management, the country will be equipped with a series of biometric door at all Immigration, collect biometric data more passengers, have been added to the track where the fingerprint biometric database. The biometric system will be the world's most comprehensive, through the eye scan, face recognition, fingerprint recognition and forged passports to check every entry of travelers. UAE hf access control rfid card has the advantage of its various emirates ruled by chiefs, making implementation easier extensive security measures, these measures include the continuous government interference and daily monitoring, which could lead to privacy concerns in Western countries. President of the UAE Ministry of Interior electronic transformation strategy and systems development leader Colonel Barakat Al Kendi said, will include specific technical preliminary investigation biometric door, electronic kiosks and Immigration traveler information. His title showed the UAE on immigration process very seriously. He said: & ldquo; Dubai airport passenger traffic this year will reach 80 million passengers, Abu Dhabi airport passenger traffic will rise by 20%, the Department must be prepared for traffic growth. & Ldquo; the UAE government plans to implement a new project, using the latest technology, and the continuation of earlier projects. Our view is that the need for all partners to facilitate passenger entry management. & Ldquo; new electronic identification system will use fingerprint scan passengers whether a violation of security restrictions, foreign passengers are also subject to an iris scan. & Rdquo; Al Kendi said the new iris scanning technology has prevented 400,000 inbound travelers, but he did not mention the data before using this technique. As many countries have begun to support the use of biometric technology chip passports, biometric systems are becoming increasingly fingerprint time attendance machine price popular. Another major problem faced by governments and airport managers is the growing number of travelers. Immigration is currently too often due to the number and delay time, and 2030 is expected passenger traffic will double, which means that the review must be at the Immigration Department under the premise of ensuring security more efficient. Some other countries have also tested and the gradual introduction of different types of digital biometric systems. The United States adopted the Advanced Border Control, using a series of electronic kiosks were immigration examination. The project after years of deliberation and preparation finally after several airports in the United States began. (Zoe compilation)