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Egypt to use retinal scan system for Cairo airport security

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-10-14

Egypt will soon announce a tender for a new security system for Cairo Airport employees involving retinal scans, in an attempt to meet Russian conditions to resume flights to biometric time and attendance software Egypt, Bluetooth Pos Systems Egyptian Aviation officials have said. They said Egypt has already met most of Russia’s security recommendations for the airport, where some 20,000 people work.Moscow’s decision, along with the UK’s suspension of its flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, dealt a severe blow to Egypt’s vital tourism sector and its already ailing economy.

Upgrading security at its airports has cost the government in Egypt millions of dollars and given rise to long and often raucous lines at security checks. But the government is security access control card reader pressing ahead with the security reforms in the hope of luring tourists back.

We are specialized in airports security, the access control device, retinal scan terminal, fingerprint handheld terminal will be support to update the security. It will identify each person who pass in and out and highly improve the security to protect passengers.