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Did you know how to use a biometric fingerprint scanner

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Release on:2021-03-04

How to use a biometric fingerprint scanner

Biometric fingerprint scanners can not only provide companies with accurate time records, but also improve security. For healthcare, government services, and various other industries, this dual-function scanner is an attractive option for pairing with labor management or timing systems. Learn more about how to use and implement biometric fingerprint scanners in the workplace.

  • Basis

Anyone who owns an iPhone has at least some understanding of how biometric ten fingerprint scanners work. The software takes pictures of the user's fingerprints from various angles and different angles. The next step is that the software will use these identified and registered images to create a unique genetic binary code sequence, which can match the image fingerprint with the fingerprint image collected on site by the user. After the user is set up in the system, the system can link the fingerprint to the code, allowing access to information or space.

Biometric fingerprint scanners are more secure than badges or passwords, because if the employee is not working in the office, the employee will not be able to gain access. They need extra time to set up, because each employee needs to be entered into the system, but once the system is in place, only badges or employee ID system updates are required.

HFSecurity 442 ten biometric fingerprint scanner
  • Set up

Implementing any type of timing or workforce management software can be daunting. Among the personnel required to train and maintain the system, many business owners choose the path of least resistance, relying on outdated and inadequate timing and labor management systems because they are easy to implement. However, in the long run, these time-saving software becomes a waste of money. They leak information and allow partners to punch holes and other forms of time theft.

The biometric android fingerprint scanner needs to provide the same amount of training for employees and employees who run the system, but has higher availability and security after implementation. Unlike other systems where an employee can generate an employee badge or number, every employee who needs to use a fingerprint scanner must be present to enter the system. This will extend the physical time required to implement the system, but will create a safer workplace, saving money on time theft and lost productivity.
HFSecurity how to use ten fingerprint scanner

  • Granularity

Information is power. Business owners and managers know that proprietary information sets you apart from the competition. Allowing this information to fall into the wrong hands or allowing access by people who don’t understand why the information is important could seriously harm your business. One of the ideal choices for enterprises is the biometric fingerprint scanner, because the characteristic fingerprint scanner can always provide security to the enterprise, and it can also provide the enterprise with granularity. The fingerprint scanner can be used to restrict employees to certain information or locations within the company.

  • Reliable data

When managers cannot control the security of data, there are many dangers in relying too much on data. It's easy to say that an employee is in the building when he goes to work, but if the employee gives the badge to a colleague because they are late or are still calling the phone time management system at home, then the data will not be accurate . Biometric fingerprint scanners provide built-in validity for your data. By requiring workers to be present to access information and workplaces, managers can derive more value from their data.

The biometric usb fingerprint scanner is safe and easy to ensure accurate data and restrict access to unnecessary information. Although the system requires additional setup time, it can increase costs by reducing time theft and adding security to the company. Setting aside time to train employees and managers can help simplify the transition to a biometric workforce system.