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Development of cross-border integration into a new access control industry trends

   Access control products, It acts as a personal and property security of the defense, has been in existence for a long time in the environment we live in, people living and working in one essential goods. From early a lock, a bunch of keys, a door and other machinery products development of today's networked, integrated, intelligent, modern access control products, can be described as experiencing tempered in innovative technologies.

   Channel gateAs an access control products, with innovation and technology, we are now facing the challenge of transition, on the one hand the rapid development of new technologies to promote the traditional channel gate manufacturers need innovative ideas, on the other hand is a pedestrian access gate access control system as fine sub-areas must be combined with a penetration into other related fields, in order to develop better, to go further.

According to a report on China Market Research Network data show that China's 2013 Smart access gates overall market size reached 300 billion yuan. An increase from the point of view, in 2014, smart access gates of the overall market size is expected to more than 400 million yuan. I believe in the next few years of development, access control access gate market competition will become increasingly fierce.

With respect to monitor emerging 4K, H.265 so fresh vocabulary, market access is particularly cold, there are few innovative breakthroughs in technology, but in this year does have a breakthrough. Recalling the past five years, the access control industry, is also a lot of changes: 1. Network: variable architecture of; 2, cloud implants: application of variable; 3, simplified remote control; 4, encryption technology to further deepen; 5, access control and other civilian landing.

The Internet of Things is one of the core technologies of urban construction, the technology can facilitate business transformation, to help businesses reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, the development of access channel gate industry into a powerful force. If fusion with things, Channel products will generate more applications. Such as the current wing gate device than a single use or, if the data it collected and combined with other sensors, will solve many problems.

Access channel building itself covers many areas, in the face of this huge system, technology and combined with the industry is inevitable. Access Channel Industry can make use of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new technologies to effectively enhance the level of product technology and intelligence, penetrate into various fields, in order to obtain rapid development.

Development to meet the law of development of cross-border integration wise, not only to meet the different needs of the market, while providing a better service to the community, and promote industrial clusters produce.