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Development Status and Trends of access control card system

With the global economic development,Attention to security issues to promote the rapid development of the global security industry market. Social security situation caused by economic development process is also cause for concern, the widening gap between the rich and the poor in developing countries so that the crime rate continues to rise, the demand for social security and therefore also growing. As the security industryAccess Control SystemIt has become one of the most common security subsystem most intelligent project; at the same time, access control systems in the government, enterprises, factories, petrochemical, automobile, shipbuilding, finance, hospitals, military and other industries has been a large number of applications.

Fast access control system has been applied in various fields, access to many manufacturers a great deal of room for development. On the one hand is the government, the rise of large-scale community projects, such as the "Green City building", "3111 Project" and other led the entire security market demand; in addition, some emerging application areas are constantly being opened.

With the wide application of technologies such as the increasing emergence of NFC and mobile devices, based onSafety IdentificationDevelopment in the field of access control system will show: convenience, gradually reduce total cost of ownership and achieve a higher level of security Trend. Specific performance in the following four aspects: First, change the security authentication; secondly, large system integration; and third, to develop a unified standardization; fourth, industries targeted customer of the scheme.

Since early 2009 Mifare1 card key is compromised disclosure event, the upgrade to smart cards to accelerate, if Mifare1, Legic kind of logic encryption card is "hard", then the true sense of the current autonomous encryption, with independent data card operation Ability CPU card is a computer.

In addition, the emergence of complex card allows users to feel more humane, simple technology. For example, CPU card and 18000-6B / C composite card, only take into account the system needs close access, consumption, etc., but also meets the parking lot, channel management and other systems in remote smart card authentication needs.

Certification Requirements With the development of the diversity of user needs and applications of various types of smart cards, card systemIntelligent Authentication ModeIt has been developing rapidly. Smart card authentication already covered ID, IC, CPU cards, RF-SIM card mobile phone authentication is also certified as a new model into the category of access to certification.

Card authentication generally have two, one uses to read the serial number of the form, which is a disguised form of ID card mode, you can not play a security and scalability advantages CPU card. Another certification is by reading the internal CPU card file mode, in this way in order to maximize the use of powerful performance CPU card, the Shanghai World Expo are used access control system CPU card internal document authentication mode.

Biometrics as a "portable" and "only" Certified Media, the media together with the smart card, the card system applications have been developed different systems based on conventional and high-end applications, the currentFingerprint system,Palm-shaped system,Face imaging system,Iris systemAnd other biometric authentication, according to different requirements and applications, have been widely adopted. However, biometric authentication mode because the bottleneck of technology development and building a difficulty in terms of stability, cost, and system application so there are still some difficult issues and practical applications.

In addition, multiple authentication smart card, smart card + password authentication and biometric authentication + cards and other complex authentication model, not based on the level of security and environmental requirements to be applied.