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Contactless Palm Print and Palm Vein Scanner Latest Biometric Verification Method

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-12-29
Besides the face recognition, fingerprint verification, now a new multi verify mode Palm print+Palm vein verify model is Emerging!

Compared with other biometric verification model, the palm print has below advantages:
1.Compared with face recognition, it won’t be affected by light change, expression, making up and the twins, etc.
2.Compared with iris recognition, the palm print scanner device is much cheaper, and the capture process is easier.
3.Compared with fingerprint, the palm print’s capture is larger, and contains more biometric features.
4.There are several main palmprint lines and some fold line, which are unique and easy to verify.
5.Compared with signature and Dynamic behavior characteristics, palm print feature is stable and more accurate.

But it also has come disadvantages: the palm is exposed thus the palm print is easy to be captured and copied. And same with fingerprint recognition, user’s palm or finger should touch the sensor, which is not hygeian in public area.

Now combined palm print and print vein to avoid the disadvantages. The palm print under the infrared ray will appear grain subcutaneous vein, then get the image for it, stored as template. It is accurate, anti-fake, healthy and safe.