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Come to HFSecurity for Christmas Together

  • Author:HFSecurity
  • Source:author
  • Release on :2019-12-31

Today is Christmas day. Christmas (Christmas), also known as Christmas and Jesus' birthday, is translated as "Christ's Mass". It is a traditional western festival and the most important festival in many western countries. At this time of the year, cheerful Christmas songs ring in the streets, dazzling colors are given everywhere. In Christmas day, Santa Claus and Christmas tree are important elements. Santa Claus is the most popular person in Christmas. Children put a sock in front of the fireplace or near the pillows before Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa to put gifts in the socks after they fall asleep. The Christmas tree is also a tradition. Many people buy a Christmas tree and then use some accessories to decorate the Christmas tree, which means to use this tree to thank others for their kindness.


For our HFSecurity, a biometric manufacture that has been foreign trade 14 years already prepare a big party to celebrate Christmas. We want to make customers feel that we are with them forever, as if we are celebrating this special holiday with them at the same time.

Today, our the theme is “red”. So everyone wear clothes with red elements, some wear coats, some wear pants, some wear shoes, some wear scarves, and some wear hats. This is to echo the image of Santa Claus, which is mainly red and white.

Now let us begin our big party.

At first, we have a big party of a lunch. Everyone make one dish and share with each other. Good at sharing make people be grateful.

After lunch, our big party begin. Our CEO, Mike Wang, speech to announce Christmas Party of this year start.


Then handsome guys in our company start their debut today. Some of them chose to sing, and some chose to recite poetry. There was even a guy who brought a guitar to perform for everyone. He also received the warmest applause from everyone. When you look below picture, if you feel the singing around your ears?


After that we play two games. One is puzzle game and the other is game of body.

First game rule is that the host give you the beginning and the ending of one story, others guess the whole story by using their own image, also during this process, others can ask the host some questions, while the host just can answer “Yes” or “No”. Have you played this kind game before? It is very funny, you can try it.

Second game is that whole people are divided into three groups, named as “A”, “B”, “C”. Each group member use their body to pop the balloons. The group who do the biggest number of poping the balloons are the winner. The winner will have a beautiful little prizes. At first, some people were afraid of balloons, but after playing this game, instead of being afraid of balloons, they liked this game more and brought everyone a lot of laughter. You also can try this game.

Then we have a birthday party. This is a long tradition of our company. Every month we have a special day to hold a birthday party for our colleagues who have birthday in that month. First part, we all sing birthday songs together, the birthday party protagonist make a wish, and share their wishes. Second part, they share their own story of 7 years old, 14 years old and 21 years old. It is very interesting right?

At last, it is very important part. That is exchanging gifts each other. This is the part that everyone look forward every year. Because everyone will get one Christmas gift. Before Christmas day, everyone would buy one gift. In the Christmas day, our host will number all gifts. Which number you pick up, you will get related gift. Someone get one Christmas cup, someone get the calender, and someone get one delicious snacks. If you listening this rule, you also have a feel of exciting? Because you do not which number you will pick up and what kind of gift you will receive. After that all of us get the Christmas gift. And take a photo and make a video.

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HFSecurity is such a company with full of lifeful people,full of new idea and full of experience. We are committed to standing with customers, thinking from the perspective of customers, and dedicating to providing the best solutions for customers. Until now 14 years, we always do like this. During this time, we have received tens of millions of customers. We made them feel that choosing our company is an important choice in life, so that they will not regret choosing us.

We prove to you that HFSecurity is your smart choice by our actual action.If you want to be our partner?

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