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Champion in Xiamen Trip

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-08-25

Huifan is a big and warm family, we have many activity and extra reward to make our work and life time recorder punch card machine more positive and colorful. I love Huifan very much!

Last week, Africa & Latin America team and Shenzhen team went to Xiamen for traveling, because these two teams won the champion in last two PKs respectively, so our company send them incentive tour in Xiamen.

Day 1, they sailed boat to challenge themselves, enjoyed the feel when galloping on the sea; then traveled in Xiamen University to review when their school friendship and feel the spirit of students.

Day 2, security steel door multi lock they mounted to Gulangyu Island, one famous tourist attraction. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery, review history,Sea diving, taste the local specialty, etc.

Day 3, they visit Earthen. Earthen is a pearl of oriental civilization, it is unique in the world of the mythical village residential building, known as the Han Chinese traditional houses treasures. Then enjoy the seafood feast.

They had a wonderful trip not only they enjoyed beautiful scenery and taste delicious food, but also they have colleagues to accompany, and they take care of stainless steel door lock each other, help each other and share with each other. They feel warm and love in this family. And they expect next trip again!