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Brush face open

   "Lock" is the life of commonly used items, from the earliest to the metal timber lock lock people in how to protect their private goods aspect really pains. Up to now,Magnetic locks,Voice lock,Ultrasonic lock,Infrared lock,Electromagnetic lock,Electronic card lock,Fingerprint Babai,Retinal lock,Remote lockAnd so has introduced a wide variety of anti-theft mode, but not enough to satisfy people's need for security and convenience, so face recognition technology began stationed security lock field, but the face in the course of anti-theft lock, although more convenient, not because throw the keys and get in the house, but it really can be effective anti-theft?

   Face recognition is a person's facial features based on information in a biometric identification technology, which requires first a different face images collected by the camera, and then through the system, the image gamma correction, noise filtering, pre- processing, the processed image data and characteristic feature templates stored in the database search matched so the image judgment and verification.
   Face recognition process appears to be very strict, but the system as a standard data validation is mainly based on the distance and shape of the face between the description of each organ to obtain, which there is a very obvious disadvantages, once the system encountered a similar appearance human face, it is possible to determine the error. If criminals using the face mask that is used to anti-theftFace LockIt is likely to become a tool of asking for trouble.
   In fact, with the development of related technologies of intelligent recognition technology has also evolved a variety of forms, face recognition is just one of a relatively cool. The identification technology used in anti-theft locks were just one of its uses