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"Brush face" OR "play face" recognition technology fly it

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-05-17

A gossip, so that the face recognition technology, become a lot of the entertainment headlines. Recently, media reports on Zhao Wei Huang Long husband to court because someone bought his house, but they could not stay, so sue, claim HuangYouLong vacate houses. HuangYouLong can not sell the house, but his driver sold. So the question is, why the driver can sell HuangYouLong property? biometric fingerprint door lock

The reason turned out to be the driver posing HuangYouLong to the notary office, through face recognition technology to handle the commissioned notary proved entrust hfteco another person to the force fingerprint time attendance machine suppliers of a house sold. This corresponds to a detail is advertising a brand of face recognition system that recognition rate at 98.3%. The case will be held in Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court today. Southern reporter learned that the current face recognition technology sector in Guangzhou has been notarized, the entrance and other areas to be applied. Such a high-tech face recognition technology is also being drilled loopholes, really is high-tech do not fly it? In this regard, Guangzhou college entrance face recognition system design and provide company ; IFLYTEK biometric product owner Li Zhao hui that although recognition is a high-tech products, but again with high-tech products are required human use; in addition to man-made drainage factor, because face recognition systems are based on the photo identification, if multiple attempts by high simulation Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. wax, is possible through the system. Face Recognition System in Guangzhou college entrance exam has been applied for many years It is understood that, as early as in the late 1960s, had already started research on face recognition technology. Since the 20th century to the 1990s, some of the commercial face recognition system gradually enter the market, but the performance and accuracy to be improved. The face recognition application to go to 2013, when the Finnish startups U niqul launched a face recognition system based payment platform, pay only when a nod to face the camera on the POS machine screen, and click OK to. This is the first time global recognition applied to the case of payments. Last year, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Tang Xiaoou team developed the world's most accurate facial recognition software in the international standard LFW database test accuracy achieved 99.15 percent accuracy rate, more than the human eye's ability to identify and promote the human face Recognition range of applications. Face recognition system, currently in Guangzhou relatively limited. Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice official website, there is information on the Haizhu notary face recognition system. According to reports, the normal operation of the system, so that more than a notary in the process of re-technology wireless gsm security systems security business processes. & Ldquo; face recognition technology was officially opened, ended the notary naked eye to distinguish, judge ; this person is the person ; and large differences in appearance could not determine history. From 2010, face recognition technology began to be applied in Guangzhou college entrance exam. Candidates are allowed to permit the lack of advanced courses, as long as through the examination of the examinee authentication system ; identification, you can enter the examination room exam. The system consists of two aspects: First, collect identity information provided by the Ministry of Public Security, once the candidates using fake identity cards, the system can immediately be identified; the second is access controller with time attendance face recognition technology, as long as the candidates on the spot to take pictures, and the resulting data to the network system , and before the acquisition of ID photos, and when you sign up photographs of a comparison, was not immediately able to analyze the same person.; before and after this authentication but ten seconds, time-saving and efficient; even so-called ultra-high accuracy of the it does not mean recognition foolproof;  currently on the market are based on face recognition technology to identify the photo. ; Li Zhao Hui said,  belongs to a biometric face recognition, which is the basic principle and fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, retina recognition principle similar. First, we need to register the user's photo to the system. Then by comparing the photo features, such as eye distance, distance around the outline of the nose, lip contour and other identifying information. ; In recognition, the user take a picture in front of the camera, the computer will enter the picture to judge. Recognition includes three key steps: first, face detection, detect and extract the face from the input image; followed by a face extracted facial feature information; and finally to be extracted face recognition features and facial feature database matching reserved determine whether the same person. According to the accuracy of published products currently on the market a lot of recognition, many have reached 98%, 99%. Well, this is not representative of face recognition is foolproof? In theory, 99% is not foolproof.

 Li Zhao Hui frankly, 1 percent, 0.1 percent error rate even though representatives of several small chance, but if the really is met, it may cause damage; such as Zhao Wei husband of this news, we are also concerned, I feel very shocked. I do not fingerprint time attendance and access control know the notary public which company uses face recognition product, and whether there is a problem in the use, but it gave us practitioners propose an urgent task is purely technical effect can not completely solve the problem, but also More work needs to be done. On the other hand, Li Zhao Hui also suggested that although recognition is a high-tech products, but again with high-tech products require people to use face recognition systems are based on the current photo identification, if the use of the process, if the guard personnel drain, holding a deceiver been validated pictures of people, is certainly muddle through. Even with the in vivo detection technique (a kind of recognition process, requiring the user to do a nod, smile and other actions, to avoid photo spoofing technology), through high simulation wax, repeated attempts, it is possible through the system. In addition to photo identification need to join fingerprints, voice recognition,we now introduce a voiceprint recognition plus recognition programs, recognition by the user only needs, but also the sound can also be passed in this way so that impersonating a increase the difficulty of many, can further enhance security.  Li Zhao Hui said. According to his understanding, the first generation of college entrance examination authentication system based on face recognition in photos, recently launched the second generation identity authentication system, in addition to the face than the outside, including fingerprints, second generation ID card voiceprint ; Courtyard a & rdquo; data comparison. Candidates entered at the time of registration identity card, the system immediately alerts the photograph, fingerprint entry and, finally, to say a specified period of password entry voiceprint, the whole process is not more than one minute. If you have questions invigilators Candidates photo, you can check information such as a fingerprint voiceprint,  Even if the fingerprint fuzzy, and voiceprint can correspond, four conditions can be checked out how.  this will further enhance the recognition of the effect, and it will strengthen the in vivo detection. In addition to traditional nodding, shaking his head in vivo detection, but also on the user's mouth to speak for comparison, the video mode to avoid fraud.  Li Zhao Hui said that although the face recognition technology is not perfect, but recognition remains an important challenge in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence research, public safety, law enforcement, mobile Internet and entertainment areas have a large number of applications. the future is not only recognition of the need for the college entrance examination and the use of the security sector, it may also be used in mobile phones mobile side, or even no medium payments.  Li Zhao Hui said, for example, now phone the APP, encountered some large payment, except for passwords, and then join this anti-technology means recognition voiceprint recognition, certainly can greatly improve the security of financial accounts.

 In addition, the payment of some of the community-wide, or even do not need the phone, bank cards and other media, directly through the brush face to complete. & Rdquo; he introduced some communities only need to install office door security lock some face recognition system, with member after docking system and payment system, users only need to brush the face in the community, you can play the effect of payments. These areas related to face recognition has been applied in the attendance card, fingerprint brush are weak burst, the next punch to brush face it, how do you do? The face recognition used in schools, enterprises and institutions in attendance, the individual must personally appear in face attendance machine the former can be the sign. Survival of the state social security verification Hainan this year began using a fingerprint and face recognition authentication system to facilitate the retirement pension. This also facilitates a lot of retirees living in different places. Verified do phone cards, send collar parcel even registered, everywhere should be real-name authentication. Fill a bunch of information on its website, direct brush face pattern seems to be more convenient and more efficient. Mobile payment terminal this year, Ma brush face exhibited at Hannover Fair in Germany pay. Recently, ants gold dress at the annual Share Day disclosed that Alipay people have hope in the face login on the line this year.