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Brazil will be one big potential market for security devices

  • Author:zz
  • Source:zz
  • Release on:2016-08-18

Brazilian Olympic Games is hold at Brazil, security system in Brazil become more concerned by the world. As one of the South American superpower and the BRICS population of more than 200 million, the Brazilian economy in recent years has been a certain degree of growth. But the security still has been criticized.
During the Olympics Games drones to monitor, baggage cargo scanners, wireless intercom and other security equipment were used. The Brazilian Olympic security personnel will reach 8.8 million people, is the London Olympics twice.
Why Brazil Olympic security fingerprint time attendance machine work is still being criticized by the parties? To create a modern security system, air defense, physical defense, anti-technology is indispensable. Although Brazil Olympics security work invested a lot of money, but did not effectively combine the three, a lot of powerful which has not been used in a real office, which is the ultimate biometric time attendance system software cause of Brazil Olympic security system did not play a full role root causes.
From here, we double door access control panel can find Brazil still is one big market for security device, access control monitoring, fingerprint registration, and camera etc.