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  • Release on:2016-06-07

According to the latest research report Technavio company Global Biometric Market 2019, revenue in the human resources management will reach USD265.7 billion in

According to principal analyst Technavio of Amrita Choudhury analysis, in many cases, a variety of biometrics incorporated more accurate and reliable than a single means of identification, time and attendance management in a variety Outdoor Combination Lock of authentication methods tend to combine to prevent the alternative biometric fingerprint terminal time attendance attendance.

Biometrics market segments: authentication, access control, and monitoring
According to 2014 data indicate that identity representing 45.91%, accounting for 45.62 percent access control, monitoring, accounting for 8.47%

In 2014, biometric authentication gains in human resource management is USD21.9 billion in This authentication is mainly to manage employee attendance, like the government, the insurance industry, medical industry, transportation industries. Fingerprint, face, iris, voice such a unique way to identify the biological and physical characteristics, it can not be forged.
With the punch card and password identification drawbacks continue to appear, biometrics demand more and more.

2014, biometric access control market gains in human resources management nearly USD21.8 billion in In the government sector, the insurance industry, medical industry and Security Access Control Supplier other employees to use confidential data, equipment, and the company's computers, databases, networks, etc. has been verified. Accurate records, there are managers can save labor costs, biometric access control systems in the enterprise increasingly close welcome.

Biological monitoring of human resources management application complies with the annual growth rate over the next four years will reach 27%. Biological monitoring system is a highly reliable monitors program behavior, more and more appear in educational institutions, commercial buildings, infrastructure, rapid growth is expected in late 2016.