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China Biometrics Market Forecast (data)

According stumpage Information published "China's biometric technology market forecast and investment direction report (2016 Edition)": in 2009 the global identification industry revenue of $ 3.422 billion, in 2014 this figure reached $ 9.368 billion. As a sunrise industry in the 21st century, biometric technology has entered every aspect of people's lives, showing networking, non-contact, multi-modal trends such features.
In biometrics, the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and real-time scanning accounted for the largest share, 38.3%; fingerprinting accounted for 28.4%; facial recognition, middleware, iris recognition, voice, vein and hand geometry recognition each 11.4%, 8.0%, 5.1%, 3.0%, 2.4% and 1.8%; 1.6% otherwise.
Currently biometric industry, North America accounted for the highest share, reaching 33.5%; followed by the Asia-Pacific region, 23.8%; Europe, Middle East and India, Central and South America, Africa, were 16.5%, 11.0%, 9.1% and 6.1%.
In the domestic market, the current market situation biometric significantly warmer. Foreign orders began to recover, domestic demand sharp growth.
From the product point of view form, fingerprint locks (fingerprint lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint firearms cabinet, etc.) and modules, fingerprint / Face Recognition Time Attendance these two categories of products are still the mainstream commercial market. Police (criminal investigation, monitoring, policing terminal, etc.) and IT systems and network information system security application before after two, but also to capture a significant market share. In addition to the police system, face recognition in the commercial intelligent monitoring and analysis system application development speed is very fast, in the foreign media analysis, advertising audience measurement, monitoring and analysis application of consumer groups and other aspects have also been quickly integrated domestic application Suppliers to learn from, and began large-scale layout applications, the formation of a new direction for face recognition applications.