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Biometric what the 21st century, Chaoyang enterprise market potential and trends?

   So-calledBiometricsIs closely bonded via computer and optics, acoustics, biosensors and bio-statistical principles and other high-tech means, using the body's natural physiological characteristics (such as fingerprints, face, like, iris, etc.) and behavioral characteristics (such as handwriting, voice, step state, etc.) to identify personal identity. As a sunrise industry in the 21st century,BiometricsWe have begun to enter into all aspects of people's lives. China's future biometric market will show what kind of development trend of it?
   In foreign biometrics market, medium and large biometric systems such as police fingerprints, biometric passport system, social security system, biometric applications occupy most of the market, while the domestic application of biometric technology focused on access control, time and attendance and other small product applications, future domestic biometric technology is widely used in large-scale systems domestic biometric products will put forward higher requirements, so double or even multiple complex biometric technology is gradually valued by the people.
   Integration using multiple biometric identification technology can get more than a single biometric identification system to better performance and reliability, and to increase the difficulty of counterfeit biometric improve the security of the entire system. It is understood that multiple biometrics, there are two ways, the first is in the system can access two different biometric products; the other is two different biometric technologies into the same product. The second way is not a simple integration, but two different fusion algorithms recognition technology with the same management, so that computational efficiency and accuracy to get exponentially improved and easier to carry and install, the way will be the future of biometrics integrate mainstream products. Currently, domestic enterprises will have palm vein and hand geometry, fingerprint and face recognition integrated in the same product, as in the control has been introduced fingerprint recognition, face recognition, RFID technology combined attendance.

   Using multiple biometric technologies to meet the future large-scale systems to the stringent requirements of speed and accuracy of biological knowledge has become the consensus of the industry at home and abroad, domestic and foreign manufacturers have this technology research and development and product promotion. Because biometric technology expertise and most biometric vendors developed against the status quo only one biometric technology, using alternative biometric technology to integrate with their own product research and development is not just technical issues, but also includes the actions biometric technology characteristics to know whether the fit with its own technology, etc., while the high patent fees are manufacturers of multi-biometric technology for mass production bottleneck.

   Currently biometrics market, in addition to large foreign companies such as L-1, Sagem merger integration approach taken to obtain recognition technology, the more biometrics vendors choose to cooperate with other biometric vendors to jointly develop and promote multiple biometric products. The future of domestic manufacturers in addition to the consolidation of biometric market segments outside their respective advantages in the application of large-scale systems will pick up more cooperation in multiple biometric products to win projects and markets.

   Since there is no significant overlap between the various biometric technology, will have their own advantages of the market, while less biometric vendors in the number compared to other industries, so the biometric market in the eyes of the outside world does not like to see is a intense competition, "Red Sea", but in the seemingly "Red Sea" of the surface, each of biometrics technology vendors to open up their own blue ocean market. In recent biometric manufacturers are most concerned about the financial industry, for example, dozens of people in a savings bank, the lower positive general authorization and authentication from password to a fingerprint card updates; and needs of staff and security personnel in and out of the paper every day access treasury notes will begin using convenient, safe and relatively high performance of the palm shape recognition; in the ATM machine, if the camera can not identify the depositor contours of the face, the transaction will not be carried out; and the head office of the room, data centers and other key sectors, vein Recognition has been widely promoted.

   As seen above, biometrics manufacturers still have their own market segments, there is no who replaced who's fierce competition. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies manager Li Jian believes that every biometric technology has its own characteristics and application of occasions, each biometric manufacturers should be intensive in different market segments based on the characteristics of their own equipment and technology, to explore more suitable vertical market applications of their products.

   Of course, progress is not stagnant market, the overall range of applications of biometrics market is still too narrow, industrial applications compared with other products is not enough, which requires that the biometric vendors to jointly develop, expand markets, rather than " weaknesses "to go attack other identification technology, to seize the market between them. According to the International Biometric Group (IDG) predicts that by 2012 the global biometrics market is expected to reach $ 7.4 billion, most of which is national governments and by the application of large-scale projects, I believe that in the country as the government information resources for social integration The more attention and give more effective support biometrics industry, the future Chinese market will be unlimited development of biometrics.

   China biological identification market trends

   As we all know, the first biometric technology research and development, application and industrialization are in Western countries, therefore, to observe and development history and trend analysis developed biometric industry, we will sort out the domestic biological identification industry has great evolution help and learn.

   (A) industry concentration will continue to increase

   From the international market, biometrics market manufacturers, distributors and component suppliers, integrators quantity up to the time around in 1999 to 2001, at that time, nearly 400 foreign manufacturers, mainly in North America and Europe ( about 80%). But from 2002 to date, foreign competition eliminated through biometric industry and a large number of mergers and acquisitions, products and services significantly reduce the number of suppliers to the current less than 130. One important enterprise on the scale of not more than 15. In the domestic market, biometrics, such as survival of the fittest or will appear in the next few years.

   (B) the progressive and balanced development and application

   Investment Advisor in the "2016--2020 biometrics industry in China in depth research and investment prospects Forecast Report" that, in the international market, the various branches of biometric technology, such as fingerprint recognition, hand geometry recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition and other technologies and products, a number of technologies were occupied or have been occupied more than 10% market share. In the Chinese market, from 1995 to date, fingerprint identification products before 2010, have always occupied more than 90% share. However, according to nearly two years of data, this situation began to change, namely fingerprint identification dominance was finally broken, and its market share dropped to 80% less volume. Each of biometric technology has its own unique application features and application scenarios, common development and integration of multiple technologies will promote each other and jointly promote the market has evolved special effects, we also look forward to the domestic market a variety of biometric technology flourishing situation early arrival.

   (C) the integration of multiple technologies

   With the increasing popularity of biometric technology applications, application system has evolved from relatively simple business application-level products (such as access control, time and attendance, etc.) and consumer products (such asFingerprint Door Lock, Fingerprint U disk, etc.) gradually deepen, extend to involve public safety, national security and public interest in large-scale systems, such as police fingerprint and face automatic matching system, biometric passport system, social insurance system, the immigration system , intelligent monitoring, blacklist pursuit system and so on. According to 2007 data, the global biometrics market share, nearly 90% of turnover is contributed by these large systems, while Chinese enterprises are important for small business applications and consumer biometric products in the global biometrics market the proportion of the total share of less than 15%. In large-scale applications, both fusion technology integration (they usually use two or more biometric technology, such asAdd fingerprint recognition,Face plus fingerprint plus iris recognition, Etc.) and innovative platform, it is the depth and breadth of biometric applications show, they embody what biometric technology research and development of mind and original purpose. These are large-scale application systems can really make biometric technology into all aspects of our social life, thereby creating greater social and economic benefits.

   (D) Market Application Trends

   Fingerprint recognition technology is the first application area, "police criminal investigation" in the field, the higher the field of fingerprint technology requirements, because many live fingerprint quality than the poor, but also the only fingerprint comparison suitable for application in the field of criminal investigation. Also in access control, attendance and other civilian identity has also been widely used.

   In recent years, as technology advances, internal management and client applications authentication aspect of banks and other financial sector more urgent, it showed an increasing trend. The main application areas of face recognition in surveillance, security systems such as the Olympic Games.Iris RecognitionAlso have applications in various fields, but the main cost is limited to the device, do not lead to public acceptance of the first two high, hope in the future will be a breakthrough.

   The coming period, the domestic financial sector will become an important field of biometric applications. Because of the financial industry needs more urgent for authentication, the past with the U disk authentication method will be replaced by biometric identification technology as a biometric has non-repudiation. Automatic Identification Technology Association of China also made a joint banking standards fingerprint applications in the financial sector.

   As a sunrise industry in the 21st century, biometrics have begun to enter into all aspects of people's lives, and its development trends will be a variety of network-based, non-contact, multi-modal biometric technology, the development of these technologies will inevitably put into biometric development to a new height, and put people's lives in a new world into being.