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Biometric time attendance functions and features of the iris

   Iris AttendanceThe device is characterized by what?

   1. Identify the speed is generally about 0.3 seconds, you can look through, suitable for a wide range of people to use;
   2. A variety of integrated, it can be connected with the mainstream market access controller for easy integration into a variety of applications to go;
   3.13-475px recognition distance;
   4, advanced iris recognition algorithm;
   5. completely offline, no internet;
   6. Support automatic monitoring infrared signals, and trigger open iris recognition device, when a person approached the iris recognition to identify the cabinet, infrared detectors sensing infrared signals automatically openIris recognition equipment;
   7. to use iris capture but also the use of IC card swipe functionality;
   8. Automatic protection function, the alarm will sound when the illegal removal;

    Iris attendance implemented features?

    Basic information input, modification;
    Iris eigenvalues ​​personnel information collection;
    The collected staff iris value information will be verified to ensure that the acquired iris value information is available;
    Save the collected information to staff iris value of the iris feature library attendance system;
    Save iris image capture information officer iris value information for future research needs;
    Iris identification information of personnel;
    If the identification is successful, the successful identification number and the officer time;